Volkswagens Park Steering Assistance system is available on the Touran

Volkswagen's Park Steering Assistance system is available on the Touran

Driver error is one of the most common causes of accidents, but recently developed driver assistance technologies are coming to the rescue and they are cascading down from luxury to mass-market segments of the car market according to research from industry website

The most common suite of driver assistance technologies available today includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning systems, and parking assistance systems.

In all of these systems, sensors play a key role.  Lasers, radar and video cameras represent some of the sensors currently available for monitoring a vehicle’s immediate surroundings, many of them now in their second and third generation of development. 

While current driver assistance applications are gradually expected to permeate down the car segments, object and pedestrian recognition is on the horizon as a logical evolution of rapidly developing camera technology.

Traffic sign recognition is another emerging benefit of camera-based technologies.

However, automatic steering intervention is still a delicate issue in the industry because changing course opens up the possibility of vehicle collision with another obstacle. One industry participant told just-auto  that escape route guidance (automatic emergency steering) is likely to be the 'last resort' collision mitigation action, engaged only when braking alone cannot avoid a severe collision.

Further details of just-auto's research report, 'Global market review of driver assistance systems – forecasts to 2017' are available by following this link /market-research/global-market-review-of-driver-assistance-systems-forecasts-to-2017_id86888.aspx