Over 500 vehicles have been updated in our live database of current and future new passenger car product over the past week, and we've added new future models.

Highlights include:

  • Bajaj RE60 - production date delayed
  • Caterham - two Renault-based future models added
  • Dodge Dart GT - production of new 184hp 2.4-litre variant commences
  • Dongfeng HUV - details on production version of former concept
  • Ford Focus Electric - market launch for German-built model
  • Honda Amaze - to be built in an additional country
  • Honda - future products for new Yorii plant named
  • Mercedes-Benz B-Class - details of three new variants 
  • Mitsubishi ASX - production start-up at additional assembly plant
  • Renault Lutécia - new Clio is again renamed for Japan
  • Skoda Octavia - two existing SKD assemblers switch over to new model
  • Toyota Reiz - lifecycle change for this China-built model
  • Volkswagen Cross Lavida - new future model for SVW
  • Volkswagen Fox BlueMotion - new low emissions variant for Brazil
  • Volvo XC90 replacement - world first technologies detailed

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This database, which is constantly audited and updated, can be searched by various fields, including segment, vehicle architecture/platform, plant location or country of build. PLDB also lists each car or light truck's lifecycle, expected next styling refresh or scheduled replacement date. Where possible, vehicle codenames are also included.

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