4,409mm long and unique to China Kamiq GT is 19mm lengthier than Kamiq but their width and wheelbases are identical

4,409mm long and unique to China Kamiq GT is 19mm lengthier than Kamiq but their width and wheelbases are identical

Below is a list of vehicle world premieres which took place on 22 November at the media preview of AutoGuangzhou 2019.

Information on the majority of the following models can be found by searching PLDB, just-auto's global vehicle database. Simply click on the link at the end of this list.

Baojun 530 facelift

SGMW released the Baojun 530 almost two years ago with a choice of eight variants offering 1.8-litre and turbocharged 1.5-litre petrol engines as well as three gearbox options: six-speed manual, dual clutch automatic and torque converter automatic. Now come changes for the powertrain line-up and a facelift. That was announced for the Chinese market in October. SAIC based the Hector, its first locally built MG for the Indian market, on the Baojun 530.

Buick Enclave

Confusingly, the name of yet another model for China is already used in North America for a larger crossover. The new model is Buick's first locally made seven-seater. It shares much, including a wheelbase dimension, with the 5,050mm long Cadillac XT6 but is shorter. The standard engine is GM's LSY. This 2.0-litre petrol turbo produces a claimed 233hp and is linked to a nine-speed automatic gearbox. It is not yet known if this model will also be built in North America but if it is, the model name may not necessarily have to change. Some believe that the existing Enclave will instead become the Enclave GX.

Changan Raeton CC facelift

This sedan is sold mostly in China. Strangely, it is not related to a concept which had the same name and which appeared at the Shanghai motor show in April 2015. Nor is the 4,780mm long Raeton CC related to the larger and older Changan Raeton, another sedan. Instead, that car replaced the Eado. Chinese market sales commenced in December 2017. The facelift was announced in October.

Chery Tiggo 7 Teaser Car

This is a prototype of the next generation model. To again be around 4.5 long, this SUV is expected to be on sale in China during the first half of 2020.

Chevrolet Blazer (long version)

In North America, an identically named but shorter version of this SUV is positioned between the compact two-row Equinox and the three-row Traverse in Chevrolet's SUV range. Announced to the media in June 2018, it was new for the 2019 model year and is closely related to the GMC Acadia as well as being effectively a short-wheelbase Chevy Traverse. Production of an extended wheelbase Blazer with seven rather than five seats would be added in China during 2020, GM confirmed on 8 November.

Chevrolet Menlo

Revealed to the media on 8 November a few weeks ahead of its public debut at AutoGuangzhou, the Menlo is a special model for China. An EV, it is closely linked to the Buick Velite 6 MAV and is claimed to have a maximum NEDC range of 410km.

Denza X

Many had expected BYD and Daimler to dissolve their Denza JV. The partners instead revealed a design study for a possible 500 replacement at the Shenzhen motor show in June. This was called Denza Concept X. The X was subsequently presented to the media in production form in October. There were surprisingly few changes for this SUV. That included the loss of the concept's flush door handles and digital cameras in place of exterior mirrors. The bumpers and headlights were also changed. Now comes the motor show debut. The X has seven seats, is 4.89m long and offers Chinese market buyers the choice of plug-in hybrid petrol-electric or fully electric power.

GAC Trumpchi GS4

Not yet five years old but the GS4 has been replaced by a model with the same name which, at 4,545mm long, is 20mm lengthier. This SUV is powered by a 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine which has stated outputs of 169PS and 265Nm.

Geely Icon

While there had been strong rumours that it would be called 'Bin Jie' (or Binjie), the model name of this 4,350mm long crossover is Icon. That is a reference to the Concept Icon which premiered at the 2018 Beijing motor show. The development code is SX12.

Geely Vision X6

The second generation of this SUV was announced by Geely earlier in November. The current model is 46mm longer (4,546mm) and has the same 1,834mm width and 2,661mm wheelbase as its predecessor. The 1.4-litre turbo engine produces 104kW.

Hyundai Lafesta EV

This fully electric version of the JV's Elantra-based 4.7m long Lafesta sedan has just gone into production at one of Beijing Hyundai's plants in the Chinese capital. Claimed outputs are 150kW and 310Nm and there is a 56.5kWh battery pack.

JAC Refine S7 Pro

The Pro is an additional version of the two-year old S7 and therefore around the same size as the original 4.8m long SUV. The interior is more premium, while the front and rear ends are dramatically different.

Kia Futuron concept

Seen earlier in November at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, this all-wheel drive coupe now makes its motor show debut at AutoGuangzhou. The Futuron concept also has Level 4 autonomous driving systems and the front seats can be fully reclined.

Kia K3 EV

Dongfeng Yueda's K3, already available with petrol and PHEV powertrains, now gains a fully electric version. As with the existing K3s, this one will be manufactured by the JV at a plant in Yancheng. The K3 is more or less the same model as the Ceed or Forte sold in other countries.

Kia Motors' media release for AutoGuangzhou claims that the KX3 is also a premiere. This extended wheelbase version of the Seltos was however revealed two months earlier at the Chengdu motor show.

Lexus UX 300e

The brand's first EV is for China, relevant European countries and Japan, although it will not go on sale in the last of these three markets until 2021. The UX 300e has stated outputs of 150kW (204PS) and 300Nm and a maximum range of 400km (NEDC). The lithium-ion battery pack has an output of 54.3kWh.

Toyota finally told the media that Lexus will have plug-in hybrids, so the brand that once pushed hybrids so hard is at last expanding into both EVs and PHEVs. Lexus Europe's diesel vehicles are gone and won't be coming back but fuel cells are the other propulsion system officially absent from the brand's future. With the parent company very keen on FCEVs, how long will it be until we see a hydrogen-powered Lexus?

Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC

This big SUV is a GLS-Class with a more ornate grille, electrically deployed running boards, a four- or five-seat layout and various other changes. For now, only the GLS 600 4MATIC has been announced but it is believed that a V12-powered GLS 680 4MATIC will follow. The 5,205mm long 600 is powered by a version of Daimler's M177 3,982cc biturbo V8. The standard wheels are 22-inchers but 23-inch ones are optional. Due to the vehicle's weight and aerodynamics, top speed is only 130mph.


This SUV, a plug-in hybrid version of the HS, is powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine and a single motor. The eHS is the first vehicle to be built at an assembly plant which was erected in the city of Ningde in China's eastern Fujian province. The CNY5bn factory began production at the end of September. This assembly facility, which has an initial annual production capacity of 240,000 vehicles per year, was established to mainly produce MG and Roewe vehicles.

Ningde was SAIC's fourth factory in China, joining plants in Shanghai, Nanjing and Zhengzhou. Its opening raises SAIC's annual production capacity in the country to 980,000 vehicles from 740,000.

Škoda Kamiq GT

This small SUV was announced to the media earlier in November. The Vision GT concept, which was a debut at the Shenzhen motor show in June, had been a preview. Whereas the Karoq uses the newer MQB architecture, the low-cost platform used by the Kamiq and Kamiq GT is a re-engineered version of NCS. That was the architecture upon which the previous generations of Volkswagen China's Bora and Lavida were based. The 4,409mm long Kamiq GT is 19mm lengthier than the Kamiq but their width and wheelbase lengths are identical.

Toyota Wildlander & Wildlander Hybrid

These two are special models for the Chinese market. Manufactured by Guangzhou Auto and TMC's GAC Toyota joint venture, each is closely linked to the RAV4. The reason for their existence is China's RAV4 being part of FAW Toyota and the Japanese company needing to keep each partner happy. The Wildlander and Wildlander Hybrid have quite a lot of exterior changes compared to the RAV4 too. A 170HP naturally aspirated 2.0-litre petrol engine is the standard powertrain, linked to a CVT, while the petrol-electric variant comes with a 219HP 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and one motor, driving through an E-CVT.

Venucia Xing

Dongfeng-Nissan's brand's latest model is a 4,691mm long SUV powered by a 140kW mild hybrid 1.5-litre turbo engine. The Xing is claimed to be the first vehicle for Venucia's VSA, a new architecture family which is claimed not to be evolved from any Renault platforms.

Volkswagen Tacqua

In the PRC, the T-Cross small SUV has a long-wheelbase body and is locally manufactured and distributed by SAIC Volkswagen. Volkswagen China revealed a second version to the media called Tacqua in October and AutoGuangzhou is its motor show debut. This 4,194mm long alternative is instead part of the FAW Volkswagen joint venture. It too has the extended wheelbase and longer body which set it apart from the T-Cross built in Spain for Germany and other European countries. The standard engine is a 1,498cc four-cylinder petrol which produces 83kW.

Volkswagen Viloran

This 5.1m long crossover was heralded by the SMV, a concept which premiered at the Shanghai motor show in April. The production model is for China only, at least at first, where it will soon be a competitor for the Buick GL8 and next year's Lexus LM. Both 2.0-litre four-cylinder and 2.5-litre V6 petrol engines are offered, each coming with standard all-wheel drive and a seven-ratio DSG. The seating layout is 2+3+2. This is the SAIC Volkswagen JV's first model to use the new VW badge. AutoGuangzhou is the motor show premiere, Volkswagen China having already revealed this model to the media in the same city in October.

Wuling Hong Guang Plus

SGMW (SAIC GM Wuling) announced this model to the media in October and this is its motor show debut. A 4,722mm long and angular looking people mover/MPV/minivan, the Hong Guang Plus is powered by a 108kW and 245Nm 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol turbo engine.

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