The press will be reporting from the floor of the show on 17 April

The press will be reporting from the floor of the show on 17 April

Even though this year's biggest and most important motor show opens just a few days ahead of it, there will still be quite a few important vehicle premieres at the New York International Auto Show. As ever, just-auto lists the debuts with a constantly updating roster of world first appearances.

AutoShanghai opens to the media on 15 April, so many manufacturers will likely display new models at the NYIAS two days later as well. And while no brand has yet officially announced a world premiere, here follows some vehicles which will surely be appearing for the first time.

More information about the following future models can be found by searching PLDB, just-auto's global vehicle database. Simply click on the link at the end of this list.


We know that the brand will be revealing a concept. What we don't know is exactly what it will be a preview of. Logic, along with the insatiable thirst of US buyers for such vehicles suggests the design study will be a prototype of an SUV. But which one? Kia has been busy catching up with competitors and filling out its range of crossovers and SUVs.

The SP-codename Compact SUV was at one time thought to be a low-cost SUV for Kia's recently completed Indian factory but the latest intelligence says this model could be sold globally. In which case, rumours of this being the same vehicle as the one rumoured to be called 'Trazor' or 'Tusker' might be close to the truth. Kia Motors America would position this additional vehicle above the Soul and below the Niro and Sportage (the Stonic is not available in North America).


It's pretty much an open secret that the next Outback will be revealed in New York City. That follows a pattern set five years ago when the soon to be replaced Legacy appeared at the Chicago show, followed by the closely linked Outback at the NYIAS two months later: a new Legacy was revealed at this year's Chicago auto show.

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