Blog: Graeme RobertsWind, fire and then locusts?

Graeme Roberts | 4 August 2015

Wind, a huge write off, then fire - enough to drive the spare parts team to drink which, handily, Australia does rather well

Wind, a huge write off, then fire - enough to drive the spare parts team to drink which, handily, Australia does rather well

As one who has worked 'down in parts' in a previous life I have not a little sympathy for the warehouse and counter men and women at Hyundai Motor Company Australia's spare parts operation.

First, a late April storm huffed and puffed and blew a relatively new warehouse down and then, a few weeks later, came the fire.

Demolition work resulting from storm damage was under way and, according to 100 fire fighters were needed to control the blaze which saw 90 people from the surrounding area evacuated.

Huge plumes of smoke were visible right across Sydney while a private Porsche owners track day at the adjacent Sydney Motorsport Park was temporarily suspended as smoke drifted over the track.

The company wrote off overA$2.5m worth of spares when the roof of the 30,000sq m warehouse collapsed. HMCA was able to resume its spares service within 10 days (I have some idea of the work that involved) and is currently operating out of two facilities in Sydney's west, both run by HMCA’s parts division Mobis.

The temporary arrangements have fielded more than 2,000 pallets of local and overseas parts in the last eight weeks, we are told. A 12-month rebuild plan is on the cards.

After all that, a key exec still had a sense of humour. "What’s next; a plague of locusts?" he quipped to GoAuto.


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