Blog: Dave LeggettTRW and ZF

Dave Leggett | 15 September 2014

We're digesting the news that TRW will be (subject to the usual approvals) acquired by ZF. Looks like ZF has paid top dollar. One interesting detail to emerge is that TRW will form its own business unit within ZF. That makes a lot of sense. For one thing, it will reassure TRW employees and ensure some continuity with the TRW brand. There is not a huge amount of overlap in the two companies' products and much of the future value here comes from complementarity and being at the heart of two big automotive growth areas - advanced technologies for greater powertrain efficiency and active safety (ADAS).


US: ZF to buy TRW after $13.5bn deal agreed

Sectors: Components, Technology/R&D

Companies: ZF, TRW


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