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Dave Leggett | 18 April 2016

The Queen celebrates her 90th birthday on Thursday this week (April 21). She strikes me as being in pretty good shape for her age and, whatever one's view of the monarchy, has executed her duties pretty flawlessly over a long period of time. A most reliable lady. I guess we'll be hearing plenty of tributes, but this unusual one from UK aftermarket firm Kwik Fit had me smiling. 'Kwik Fit for a Queen'. 

Crown – created from spark plugs, indicator lenses, brake lights and chrome trim

Earrings – styled from headlight reflectors and chromed nuts

Hair – weaved from tyres, electric leads, duct pipes, wiring loom and hoses

Skin – layered gaskets, bumpers, soft panels, water bottles, washers, air filters, bodywork and radiator grills

Eyes – produced from washers and blue control cable wreaths – her pupils are water pumps

Dress – constructed from brake discs, air filters, springs, spark plugs, mirrors, pulleys and petrol caps

Lips – comprised of hoses and brackets

Necklace – fashioned from headlights, mirrors and radiator grills


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