Blog: Graeme RobertsHow CarPlay might work in reality

Graeme Roberts | 10 March 2014

Would you find targeted, location-specific ads delivered via CarPlay annoying or useful?

Would you find targeted, location-specific ads delivered via CarPlay annoying or useful?

An interesting blog from Forbes contributor Erika Morphy on how Apple's Geneva launched CarPlay - and the inevitable Android rival still under wraps - might work in reality.

I like this bit in particular: "You are driving by the local shopping center, which has been equipped with ad tech that beams personalized offers to automobiles. Lo and behold, an ad shows up on your dashboard offering 30% off from Yankee Candle, which is funny because you just bought some tchotchkes for your house at Pier One last week online and you could use some candles."

Would you appreciate innovations like that or would such intrusions really annoy?


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