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ANALYSIS: Kia 'thinks globally, acts locally'

One of the major reasons for Kia's phenomenal rise in recent years is its ability to produce specific models in and for the markets where th...

ANALYSIS: New Corsa VXR & future Opels/Vauxhalls

GM Europe's Mokka is one of the most successful B-SUVs in the region, but does that mean that few people are interested in a pricey Corsa? N...

ANALYSIS: Making sense of China's sales volatility

Just as in Europe, India or the USA, looking at China as one market doesn't give you the full picture. Differences across geographical areas...

VA: Minnow Mitsubishi not short on L200 claims

Minnow Mitsubishi Motors UK (MMUK) is only a bit player in the 2.5m unit UK new car and 321,000 commercial vehicle market but has long punch...

Latest Interviews

Kia UK MD on how to raise brand pricing 23 Jul 2015

Glenn Brooks

In the second of a two-part Q&A, Paul Philpott reveals when Kia will launch a B-crossover, how he won't rule out one day outselling Toyota, and the secret of how a cheap cars brand became one now selling GBP40,000-plus models.

The car Jaguar designer said "I'd never do" 15 Jul 2015

Chris Wright

The Frankfurt motor show will be the launch pad for a very important Jaguar, the F-Pace SUV, vital for the brand in the US and Chinese markets, and a car chief designer Ian Callum "swore I'd never do".

Latest News

GM plans new family of emerging markets models 28 Jul 15

Dave Leggett

GM has announced that its Chevrolet brand is to be at the heart of a new investment plan to strengthen its emerging markets business with a family of new models.

GM small car plan targets emerging markets 28 Jul 15

Graeme Roberts

General Motors and Chinese partner Shanghai Automotive Industry (SAIC) are gearing up to build a new line of Chevrolet branded vehicles for sale in emerging markets.

Renault Duster to get automatic transmission 28 Jul 15

Graeme Roberts

Renault India reportedly plans to offer the facelifted Duster with a six speed, dual clutch, automatic transmission called Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC).

Hyundai India to export Creta 24 Jul 15

Graeme Roberts

Hyundai plans to start exporting the Creta from India to Africa, the Middle East and Latin America from 2015, as the company looks to boost its global sales.

UK: Kia is “ready for a [global] sports car" - MD 23 Jul 15

Glenn Brooks

Kia UK’s MD Paul Philpott has told just-auto that the brand is “ready for a sports car” but that such a vehicle “has to work globally”.

Hackers gain remote control of Jeep in demo 22 Jul 15

Dave Leggett

Hackers appear to have demonstrated the capability to gain control of a Jeep in use, from a base some ten miles away.

Latest blogs

Fiat 500 - car or fashion accessory? 16 Jul 15

Roger Stansfield

The Fiat 500 –­ car or fashion accessory? At the launch of the updated model this week there was plenty of evidence to suggest it's more the latter than the former.

Newsflash! Our relationship with the motor car is evolving 30 Jun 15

Dave Leggett

It's a recurring theme. We seem to be on the cusp of big changes that will profoundly impact car manufacturers, technology providers, component suppliers and all of us who move around - especially city dwellers.

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