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Latest Insights

PRODUCT EYE: Subaru Impreza

Thanks to a greatly improved yen-sterling exchange rate, Subaru's UK importer is now bringing in the Impreza once more. It might be a little...

Toyota's plant and product engineering revamp

Toyota has had its fair share of problems to contend with in recent years. However, there are now signs that the company is raising its glob...

A LOOK AROUND: Honda Swindon plant for Civic duty

There was a palplable air of excitement throughout just-auto's brief tour of Honda Motor Europe's Swindon. Newly named a global hub for the...

THE WEEK THAT WAS: The year is flying by...

Dunno 'bout you but 2015 seems to be flying by waaaay too fast - where did yet another week go?...

Latest Interviews

INTERVIEW: Carl Bayliss, head of Infiniti UK 5 Feb 2015

Glenn Brooks

Carl Bayliss recently returned to his homeland after a decade in Hong Kong. He is the new country manager for Infiniti UK, responsible for all business activities including Sales, Marketing and Network Development.

INTERVIEW: Ford Europe COO Barb Samardzich 31 Oct 2014

Dave Leggett

In the light of continued losses in Europe, Ford Europe COO Barb Samardzich has updated just-auto on the company's assessment of the business environment and its strategy to get back to sustainable profitability.

Latest News

FKG Iran visit 'excedes expecations' 24 Apr 15

Simon Warburton

Scandinavian supplier association, FKG, says its visit to Iran this week has "exceeded" expectations as Tehran anxiously waits to see if current draconian international economic sanctions are lifted or not in June.

Gas prices slow compact sales, Ford axes a shift 24 Apr 15

Graeme Roberts

Lower petrol prices in the United States has reduced demand so Ford is reducing output of compact and compact hybrid model by cutting a shift and laying off 700 workers.

Iran market potential 3m if sanctions lifted 23 Apr 15

Simon Warburton

Saipa is predicting the Iranian market could reach up to three million vehicles annually should sanctions against the country be lifted.

UK car output up 1.9% in March 23 Apr 15

Dave Leggett

UK car output was up 1.9% in March according to the SMMT. It was the best March total since 2006.

JAPAN: Honda reveals clever ‘Waku Waku’ tailgate 23 Apr 15

Glenn Brooks

Honda has revealed the fifth generation Step WGN. One of the most noteworthy features is a so-called 'Waku Waku' tailgate. This can opened like a door by third-row passengers.

UK CV output up 43% in March 23 Apr 15

Graeme Roberts

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said Britain produced 9,648 vans and trucks in March, up 43.3% year on year.

Latest blogs

Toyota Mirai - more than meets the eye 25 Feb 15

Dave Leggett

The short films available on YouTube showing Toyota's Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell being made are well worth a look (as noted by previous blog). The Motomachi plant in Toyota City is churning out three Mirais a day.

Watch the Toyota Mirai being made 24 Feb 15

Glenn Brooks

Here's a chance to see details of Toyota's Mirai fuel cell car being manufactured at its Motomachi plant in Japan.

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