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Diesel share of European car market falling

30 August 2016 | Dave Leggett

Data released by LMC Automotive shows that the diesel share of the West European car market is continuing to decline this year.

THE WEEK THAT WAS - VW and GM back in the news

26 August 2016 | Graeme Roberts

Two of the world's largest automakers - Volkswagen and General Motors - have been in the news again this week, neither for entirely good reasons. Let's start with VW and its supplier row.

VW fires warning shot across supplier bows?

26 August 2016 | Simon Warburton

Volkswagen's major row with two of its suppliers for the past week or so concerned a relatively small dispute with component manufacturers, but was still deemed sufficiently serious to attract the attention of the Economics Ministry in Berlin.

Toyota's future model plans and platforms

24 August 2016 | Glenn Brooks

The imminent end of North America's 2016 model year sees Toyota winding up Scion division but retaining certain models and changing their brand. In China, in Europe, in Japan and elsewhere, the Toyota model range is also being expanded. This first of a two-part analysis examines current and future models, with a report on Lexus to follow.

Latest interviews

Design and engineering drivers for Honda’s new NSX

10 August 2016 | Dave Leggett

Honda Vehicle engineering leader Jason Bilotta talks about new technology applications and the design principles for the new Honda NSX

Volvo Cars' Eugensson on strategy – Interview

16 June 2016 | Chris Wright

When Volvo announced its 20/20 vision in 2008 - that no one would be killed or seriously injured in one of its cars by the year 2020 - autonomous cars and connectivity were virtually nowhere on the automotive agenda.

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Paper details extraordinary Takata airbag timeline

30 August 2016 | Graeme Roberts

The extraordinary sequence of events leading up to Takata's choice of ammonium nitrate-based airbag inflator propellant and its cost-saving appeal to automakers such as Honda and GM - now tied up with recalls of millions of vehicles as a result - was detailed by a New York Times investigative article at the weekend.

VW mulls supplier strategy as dispute ends

30 August 2016 | Simon Warburton

Volkswagen says it is to review its sourcing strategy after confirming all six plants threatened with going to short-time working in Germany have now resumed production following a dispute with two of the automaker's suppliers.

VW US diesel owners line up for cash

30 August 2016 | Graeme Roberts

Given the choice of having their emissions test-cheating 'clean' diesel Volkswagens fixed or getting their money back, US car owners are lining up for the cash, a media report said.

Volkswagen accepts South Korean test-rig rulings

30 August 2016 | Tony Pugliese

Volkswagen Korea, the German automaker’s South Korean distributor, confirmed it does not plan to appeal against the government’s recent decision to ban sales and cancel the certifications of many of its vehicle models sold in the country.

Volkswagen won't sue South Korea but Nissan has

30 August 2016 | Graeme Roberts

Volkswagen reportedly has decided not to sue the South Korean government which last month suspended sales of most of its models and imposed a fine of KRW17.8bn (US$15.93m) on the automaker.

Typhoon looms, Toyota suspends some output

30 August 2016 | Graeme Roberts

Toyota Motor suspended production on Tuesday at two of its Japanese factories in a typhoon's path due to concerns that heavy rain and strong wind would affect road conditions and delay parts deliveries.

Mazda to boost Thai engine output

30 August 2016 | Graeme Roberts

Mazda Motor Corporation said it would boost engine capacity at Mazda Powertrain Manufacturing (Thailand) (MPMT) in Chomburi to 100,000 units in the first half of 2018.

Paris show debuts list - Citroën CXperience

30 August 2016 | Glenn Brooks

The world premiere of the Citroën CXperience concept will be at the Paris motor show. With its huge cabin, long wheelbase and concave rear window, this big saloon is meant to evoke memories of the CX.

VW - "fundamental interest" in supplier relations

26 August 2016 | Simon Warburton

Volkswagen insists it has a "fundamental interest in maintaining long-term and stable relations with suppliers," following resumption this week of components to the automaker after a dispute which threatened to disrupt work at six German plants.

Volkswagen agrees to settle US dealers' claims

26 August 2016 | Graeme Roberts

Volkswagen's US unit has agreed to settle - "in principle" - claims from dealers related to the diesel emissions testing rigging scandal but the automaker did not detail the amounts to be paid out or the total cost to the company.

Kia adds Optima PHEV in Europe

26 August 2016 | Chris Wright

The European launch of the Optima Plug-in hybrid is an an important part of Kia's mission to lower the average CO2 of its range by 25% before the end of the decade. With a range of up to 33 miles in all-electric mode, the car can complete many regular urban commutes with no tailpipe emissions.

VW Group logistics optimises material transport

26 August 2016 | Graeme Roberts

Volkswagen has opened its new Group Consolidation Centre (KCC) at Malacky near Bratislava, Slovakia, home to a large assembly plant that makes multiple group models.

Texas jury rules GM ignition switch not to blame

26 August 2016 | Graeme Roberts

A Texas jury has ruled an ignition switch in a General Motors car was not to blame for a fatal 2011 crash, a media report said.

just-auto takes a break

26 August 2016 | Dave Leggett

We are off on Monday, 29th August.

French Ministry sticks to environmental guns

25 August 2016 | Simon Warburton

France's Environment Ministry is denying reports it had left out any information surrounding emissions testing following speculation circulating this week.

Berlin hails supplier deal reached with Volkswagen

25 August 2016 | Simon Warburton

Germany's Federal government has welcomed the agreement reached between Volkswagen and two of its suppliers, which threatened production at six of the automaker's domestic sites.

Valmet says Uusikaupunki ready for Mercedes GLC

25 August 2016 | Graeme Roberts

Contract vehicle assembler Valmet Automotive said paint process and the assembly shop changes needed to build the Mercedes Benz GLC SUV at its Uusikaupunki plant had been completed.

Hyundai Motor ‘tentative’ wage deal with union

25 August 2016 | Dave Leggett

Hyundai Motor says it has reached a tentative wage pact with its South Korean labour union.

Lexus IS sales top 1m

25 August 2016 | Graeme Roberts

Worldwide sales of Lexus’s compact IS sports saloon model line have broken through the one million mark since the launch of the first generation in 1999, the Toyota luxury vehicle unit announced.

GM recycles 2m water bottles into fleece

25 August 2016 | Graeme Roberts

General Motors is adding 2m water bottles from Flint, Michigan residents into its Do Your Part water bottle recycling initiative.

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