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Renault future model plans - Part 2 of 2

24 January 2017 | Glenn Brooks

Alpine and Dacia were the first marques for a four-part series concerning Groupe Renault. Future model plans for RSM's Samsung brand made up the second feature and the third was a look at current and future Renault brand models in the A, B, C and D segments. The final instalment below is a focus on crossovers/SUVs, monospaces/MPVs, pick-ups and EVs.

THE WEEK: Change ahead on both sides of the pond

20 January 2017 | Graeme Roberts

As the United States, or those that voted for him, prepared to say Hail to the New Chief at the inauguration today, an equally divisive issue got another airing this side of the Atlantic this week - Brexit. British prime minister Theresa May confirmed the UK would not remain a member of the EU trade bloc's single market but would seek access to it through a free trade agreement which she said could see the automotive sector trading using single market "arrangements." In a speech outlining 12 aspects of the intensely complex mechanism by which Britain would exit the European Union (EU), May also warned those opposed to the UK quitting the union: "This is not a game." London did want some form of customs agreement, however.

Trade worries emerge in just-auto industry survey

20 January 2017 | Dave Leggett

Although the global auto industry is taking a positive view of prospects for 2017, trade worries have emerged as a significant new concern in this year's annual just-auto annual confidence survey.

Renault future model plans - part 1 of 2

20 January 2017 | Glenn Brooks

Alpine and Dacia were the first marques for a four-part series concerning Groupe Renault. Future model plans for RSM's Samsung brand made up the second feature, and now Renault's current and next generation passenger vehicles are examined. The number of models means this has been split into two parts. Below are A, B, C and D segment vehicles. The final instalment will be on crossovers/SUVs, monospaces/MPVs, pick-ups and EVs.

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Hyundai-Kia design chief's design philosophy

18 October 2016 | Roger Stansfield

There is a corner of the Korean auto industry which, if not forever German, is taking on an increasingly strong Teutonic influence. just-auto catches up with Hyundai-Kia design chief Peter Schreyer and his colleagues.

SMMT chief bangs EU single market drum - Interview

12 October 2016 | Dave Leggett

Speaking exclusively to just-auto, SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes says the UK auto industry’s interests would be best served by continued membership of the European Union’s single market following the UK’s planned exit from the trade bloc in 2019.

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Geneva show debut - Mitsubishi 'compact' SUV

24 January 2017 | Glenn Brooks

A small Mitsubishi SUV will make its world premiere at the Geneva motor show, MMC has announced.

US-China trade war 'unlikely' - research note

23 January 2017 | Dave Leggett

Although risks of trade friction have increased with Donald Trump's election as President in the US, a research note from investment bank Credit Suisse sees an all-out trade war between the US and China as 'unlikely'. The note also suggests a proposal in Congress for a tax adjustment on export income might emerge as a viable compromise to assist US exporters while avoiding the risk of retaliation from import tariff hikes.

BMW pushes tariff-free access post-Brexit

23 January 2017 | Simon Warburton

BMW says it is in talks with German and British government bodies, as well as the VDA, with the Munich-based automaker urging London to maintain tariff-free access to the European Union (EU) post Brexit.

Will CR-V top Honda's Civic in the US this year?

23 January 2017 | Graeme Roberts

The new generation CR-V appears likely to to become Honda's top seller in the United States but a top executive isn't ruling out the also recently redesigned Civic.

GM India halts new product spend for review

23 January 2017 | Graeme Roberts

General Motors has halted spending on new models for India while it reviews its future product line, a media report said.

Nissan to review UK stance once Brexit clear

23 January 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Nissan's CEO has said the automaker would review its position on UK investment once the UK government makes clear its Brexit terms.

VDA warns of "protectionism" as Trump starts

23 January 2017 | Simon Warburton

German automotive body, VDA, says the US would be "shooting itself in the foot," if newly-installed US President, Donald Trump makes good on his comments he could impose a 35% border tax on imported vehicles.

VDA urges UK trade status quo as Article 50 looms

20 January 2017 | Simon Warburton

Germany's powerful automotive industry association, VDA, is urging trading conditions with the UK and the European Union (EU) remain as they are as Britain starts to flesh out its wish list for leaving the Brussels body.

SUVs take one in four 2016 Europe sales

20 January 2017 | Graeme Roberts

The European car industry boomed in 2016 - with new car registrations for the year totalling 15.14m units, a 6.5% increase compared to 2015 and SUVs achieving a solid performance.

NHTSA clears Tesla autopilot after fatal crash

20 January 2017 | Graeme Roberts

US investigators have cleared a 2015 Tesla Model S which collided with a tractor trailer crossing an uncontrolled intersection in Florida, resulting in the death of the driver. The decision resulted on Consumer Watchdog accusing regulators of falling for Tesla "propaganda".

Toyota builds 2m in North America again

20 January 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Toyota announced on the eve of the US presidential inauguration it had booked another record year of North American vehicle production with 2,124,608 vehicles leaving its North American vehicle assembly plants. Volume was up 4.4% year on year.

Dodge Demon leaked after Vin Diesel Fast 8 event

20 January 2017 | Glenn Brooks

FCA US' marketing campaign for the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has suddenly become old news after the car was filmed and photographed at an event to promote The Fate of the Furious. While only a new variant of an old car and obviously developed to try to keep the Challenger selling, the Demon is to be even faster than the 707hp Hellcat.

Panasonic to go beyond batteries with Tesla

19 January 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Panasonic reportedly wants to extend its partnership with Tesla Motors beyond batteries and into self-driving technology, as the Japanese supplier focuses more on the automotive business.

Jaguar Land Rover adding VR to global showrooms

19 January 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Tata Motors' Jaguar Land Rover is adding virtual reality to dealerships so "customers won’t need to wait for newly launched vehicles to arrive in their local showroom".

GM resolves US SEC ignition switch investigation

19 January 2017 | Graeme Roberts

General Motors said it had resolved a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation arising from the company’s 2014 ignition switch recalls by consenting to an administrative SEC Cease and Desist Order, without admitting or denying any wrong doing. 

Fake job ads cause chaos at Indian Suzuki plant

19 January 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Chaos erupted at Suzuki's new Indian manufacturing plant on Wednesday (18 January) after fake job ads were posted on social media.

Suzuki launches new generation Swift

19 January 2017 | Tony Pugliese

Suzuki Motor launched a fully-remodeled Swift sub-compact car in Japan earlier this month, featuring a new platform which allows for weight savings of up to 120kg on the previous model.

Kia launches new generation Morning/Picanto

19 January 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Kia Motors launched a fully-revised Morning sub-compact car this week with enhanced safety features including a stronger body structure and additional safety systems.

Carmakers join 'hydrogen council' at Davos

18 January 2017 | Dave Leggett

Carmakers Daimler, Hyundai, BMW, Honda and Toyota are among corporate giants - comprising energy, engineering and automotive firms - backing a new global initiative to promote hydrogen technologies.

Audi delays JV talks with SAIC Motor until 2018

18 January 2017 | Tony Pugliese

Volkswagen announced this week it will further delay collaboration talks between Audi and China’s SAIC Motor in a move designed to appease existing dealers and its current Chinese partner FAW Group.

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