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It was a record March and first quarter for Audi, globally and in Britain. To stay ahead of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, more crossovers, includin...

PRODUCT EYE: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Motors UK's MD is making a bold claim for a brand which retailed 2,700 passenger vehicles in Q1: he wants to sell 3,000-10,000 un...

PRODUCT EYE: Jaguar F-TYPE Coupé - the tech story

Measuring 33,000Nm/degree, this is the most torsionally rigid car yet from Jaguar, and the 550PS 5.0-litre V8 is unique to the hatchback bod...

PRODUCT EYE: Audi A3 Cabrio & S3 Saloon

The arrival of a pair of new Audis means the company is now just two models away from having a 50-vehicle range....

Latest Interviews

Q&A with Tenneco: Energy recovery technologies 14 Apr 2014

Matthew Beecham

Tenneco’s advances in exhaust heat recovery technologies include thermoelectric generators (TEGs) and Rankine systems for powering electrical accessories, recharging batteries and supporting vehicle propulsion without reducing engine performance. Tenneco reckons that the same trends that are causing the vehicle powertrain to become electrified are indeed causing its after-treatment systems to become electrified. Matthew Beecham spoke to Marcel Womann, Supervisor, Advanced Cold End Products, Advanced Engineering, Tenneco Clean Air Division about TEGs.

Q&A with Zircotec: Energy recovery systems in F1 3 Apr 2014

Matthew Beecham

This year marks a step change in the F1 regulations. A raft of aero and powertrain rules are set to create a more efficient race car with more direct links to road car technologies. V8s, used since 2006, will be replaced by all new 1.6 litre turbo charged V6. Engines are now also referred to as ‘power units’ thanks to the increased hybrid nature of their power generation. As track testing of this new ‘turbo’ and what some describe as an ‘energy efficient’ era, one supplier to the F1 teams talks about the impact of the rules on its business and how it is responding to the challenges. In this interview, Matthew Beecham spoke to Terry Graham, managing director of Zircotec, a supplier of thermal management products and heat protective coatings.

Latest News

2014 NYIAS: List of world premieres 18 Apr 14

Glenn Brooks

The media preview days for the 2014 New York International Auto Show were 16 & 17 April.

BEIJING DEBUTS: New Cruze, but old model to remain 17 Apr 14

Glenn Brooks

The media preview day for AutoChina 2014 is Sunday 20 April. Each time a vehicle or concept world premiere is confirmed for this event, our preview list is updated.

Hella's smart LED headlamps for the Audi A8 16 Apr 14

Dave Leggett

Hella has announced that it has developed and supplied to Audi a headlamp system that automatically adjusts high-beam light patterns for other traffic and pedestrians.

Magna announces Nissan liftgate first 15 Apr 14

Graeme Roberts

As usual under the quaint agreements that still apply, the car was out long before the supplier news. Nonetheless, it's worth noting Magna Exteriors' announcement of production of the North American automotive industry's first all-thermoplastic, fully recyclable liftgate module for the 2014 Nissan Rogue crossover utility vehicle built in Smyrna, Tennesee and, eventually, Korea as well.

Nissan to show smart rear view mirror in New York 14 Apr 14

Graeme Roberts

Nissan is showing off its smart rear view mirror in the US on the 2014 Rogue to be displayed at the New York show.

And now, the see-through Land Rover 9 Apr 14

Graeme Roberts

Pioneering technology is being developed to give Land Rover drivers a digital vision of the terrain ahead by making the front of the car ‘virtually’ invisible.

Latest blogs

Spring issue of Lotus Engineering's proActive 14 Apr 14

Dave Leggett

The latest issue of Lotus Engineering's proActive is out.

About those US octane ratings... 14 Apr 14

Graeme Roberts

Interesting comment about my earlier blog on US octane ratings from our Brazilian correspondent Fernando Calmon.

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