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VEHICLE ANALYSIS: MY2015 Range Rover Hybrid

It’s 120kg heavier than its equivalent SDV6 variants, yet averages 30+mpg in the real world with 26% fewer emissions of CO2. It will glide i...

Briefing: 48V mild hybrids (3)

Moving to a 48V architecture in hybrid and electric vehicles offers plenty of promise. It provides about four times the energy recuperation...


Once the Volkswagen Group’s biggest underachiever, SEAT is succeeding at last. The evidence? In Germany it’s now a top-ten brand, and in the...

Management briefing: 48V mild hybrids (2)

Moving to a 48V architecture in hybrid and electric vehicles offers plenty of promise. It provides about four times the energy recuperation...

Latest Interviews

Q&A with Victrex 23 Mar 2015

Matthew Beecham

Victrex plc is a UK-headquartered, global high-performance polymer solutions provider. Matthew Beecham spoke to Stephen Dougherty, Strategic Marketing Director, Victrex Polymer Solutions about its automotive business, applications and some misconceptions about the use of certain materials in vehicle manufacture.

GKN's eAxle all-wheel-drive technology 13 Mar 2015

Calum MacRae

Interview with Rob Rickell, Senior Vice President Global Engineering, Principal Engineer, GKN plc. GKN has just publicised its involvement with the Porsche 918 programme, Calum MacRae caught up with him to discuss this and other developments.

Latest News

Russia still there long term: CLEPA 27 Mar 15

Simon Warburton

Russia presents "more questions than answers" at the moment says European supplier association, CLEPA, but despite undoubted challenges, the market is one for the long term.

UK consortium to develop zero emission LCVs 27 Mar 15

Graeme Roberts

Millbrook, the former Vauxhall proving ground operation that is now an independent test and technology centre, said it was joining a UK industry consortium to develop a new class of zero-emission, light commercial vehicle (LCV).

Connected cars could boost UK economy 26 Mar 15

Chris Wright

Research commissioned by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has found the development of connected and autonomous vehicles will help generate 320,000 jobs in the country as well as delivering other benefits to the economy.

Tata's Jaguar Land Rover announces GBP 600m spend 26 Mar 15

Graeme Roberts

Tata Motors' Jaguar Land Rover has announced a GBP600m plant and R&D spend in central England where it is based.

SMMTCONNECT: Carmakers moving beyond tradition 26 Mar 15

Chris Wright

Carmakers are increasingly talking to different industry sectors, governments and organisations, moving beyond their traditional tier one suppliers as connected and autonomous cars become a reality.

SMMTCONNECT: Smartphone will determine pace 26 Mar 15

Chris Wright

Managing the relationship between vehicle manufacturers and internet giants such as Apple and Google will be a major challenge in the future for the connected car - the auto industry is not determining the pace, it is the smartphone.

Latest blogs

The 'drone taxi' and possible future Uber 'paradox' 9 Feb 15

Dave Leggett

Does it make sense for Uber to be very interested in the business opportunity presented by taking the driver out of the cab?

EVs' dark side: Two sides of the coin for electric vehicles 23 Dec 14

Dave Leggett

There's a useful reminder in a recent study of the two sides of the coin that come with 'zero-emission vehicles'.

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