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VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Porsche 911 Targa 4

Porsche continues to expand the 911 range, with the Targa body style having just gone on sale in Britain. Could this be the best looking var...

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Active safety in the spotlight

There was an interesting development in the area of active safety and emerging advanced driver assistance technologies last week....

THE WEEK THAT WAS: The August harvest...

The news this week was a mixed bag with some positives and negatives....

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Volkswagen e-Golf

Will the new plug-in Golf fry the Focus Electric and mulch the Leaf? It’s certainly good enough to become the sales leader in its class....

Latest Interviews

Q&A with Drive System Design 26 Aug 2014

Matthew Beecham

Though today’s new vehicle development programmes are more comprehensive than ever, using exhaustive virtual and ‘real world’ testing, issues can still escape into the market place. just-auto spoke to Mark Findlay of UK engineering consultancy Drive System Design about a new approach to reducing warranty costs.

Q&A with rFpro 12 Aug 2014

Matthew Beecham

As automakers increasingly use simulation to supplement their vehicle test programmes, just-auto spoke to Chris Hoyle, technical director of rFpro, a UK company that has modelled the Nordschleife circuit at the Nürburgring, Germany, with unprecedented accuracy.

Latest News

Lexus details NX high-tech safety systems 29 Aug 14

Graeme Roberts

Lexus GB's new hybrid NX 300h will be its first UK model fitted as standard with radar-controlled systems to help prevent accidents, the automaker said.

Volvo to skip all-aluminium for carbon fibre 27 Aug 14

Graeme Roberts

Volvo is likely to skip all-aluminium body shells in favour of carbon fibre, research and development head Peter Mertens revealed on the sidelines of the redesigned XC90 SUV launch near Stockholm.

Bosch expands Michigan Technical Centre 26 Aug 14

Dave Leggett

Michigan governor Rick Snyder joined Robert Bosch president Mike Mansuetti and other Bosch executives in a ceremonial ground-breaking to publicly announce a 220,500sq ft expansion of Bosch's Technical Centre located at 15000 Haggerty Road in Plymouth Township.

AstaZero targets more automakers to new test site 22 Aug 14

Simon Warburton

Sweden's new AstaZero proving ground says it is now discussing attracting more automakers and component producers to its site following its official opening yesterday (21 August) near Gothenburg.

Delphi sells one millionth ESR 22 Aug 14

Dave Leggett

Delphi Automotive has recently sold its one millionth electronically scanning radar (ESR) globally - a key milestone as car makers meet growing customer demand for new technologies that improve safety.

New safety testing facility opens in Sweden 21 Aug 14

Chris Wright

AstaZero has opened its new SEK500m (US$72.3m) safety systems proving ground near Gothenburg, Sweden, the first full-scale facility for future traffic safety

Latest blogs

Hyundai's empty Genesis convoy 10 Jul 14

Glenn Brooks

We can forget just how amazing some of the technology in the latest production cars is. This video from HMA is a terrific reminder.

Toyota i-Road leaning car - the video 30 Jun 14

Glenn Brooks

TMC continues to promote Japan's Ha-Mo car sharing scheme via its own i-Road commuter model. The latest promotional video is worth a look.

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