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Active suspension systems - briefing

An electronic (‘intelligent’ or ‘active’) suspension system can control the vertical movement of a vehicle’s wheels relative to its chassis...

Monroe riding high on the suspension market

A clear trend in the shock absorber sector is integrating more and more electronics. Electronic dampers adjust instantly to ensure ride comf...

Nissan’s connectivity integration challenge

It just goes to show how times are changing. A new survey shows just how much our smartphones rule our lives and car buyers admit they can l...

THE WEEK THAT WAS - Diesel developments

News from Ford of Europe of a brand-new, Euro VI-compliant diesel engine line drew most eyeballs of all just-auto stories this week....

Latest Interviews

Bang & Olufsen on developing smart audio - Q&A 20 Jun 2016

Matthew Beecham

Bang & Olufsen branded audio products are available in a range of Audi, Aston Martin, BMW and Mercedes-Benz car models. Greg Sikora, manager acoustic systems engineering, Bang & Olufsen automotive audio at Harman lifestyle division explains what such OEMs expect, how it is staying premium in an increasingly commodity market and whether the rise of electric and hybrid cars will impact our listening habits. The automotive business of Bang & Olufsen was acquired by Harman in May 2015.

Hella Gutmann Solutions on camera calibration -Q&A 15 Jun 2016

Matthew Beecham

While self-driving cars are not yet available to the public, there are a number of models offering some form of advanced assistance to the driver. These include adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning systems that require a camera to be fitted, typically behind the windscreen. Upon replacing the windscreen, the camera typically needs to be recalibrated. To learn more, we spoke to Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH’s managing director Björn Rietschel about the company’s camera calibration tool and the prospects for self-calibrating systems.

Latest News

PPG e-coating wins PSA approval 27 Jun 16

Graeme Roberts

PPG said its Enviro-Prime Epic electrocoat (e-coat) technology has received full approval from the PSA Group following production line conversions and testing at two of the automaker’s facilities in Europe.

'Car radio' not dead yet - survey 24 Jun 16

Chris Wright

While infotainment systems and connectivity widgets take over our vehicle dashboards take it appears that the good old car radio is not ready to roll over just yet – because there is so far nothing to challenge it.

Mercedes E-Class gets Hella's multibeam LED lights 23 Jun 16

Graeme Roberts

Hella has announced it is supplying claimed world first three-layered multibeam-LED headlamps for Daimler's redesigned Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The lamps were developed jointly by automaker and supplier.

Toyota bets big on autonomous and AI tech 21 Jun 16

Dave Leggett

Toyota is to spend US$1bn over the next five years on its US-based Toyota Research Institute (TRI), a high tech research lab that will focus on autonomous cars, artificial intelligence and robotics. Toyota’s move comes as competition to develop self-driving cars intensifies.

VW Tiguan Conti-supplied radar detects pedestrians 20 Jun 16

Dave Leggett

A Continental-supplied long range radar (advanced radar sensor, ARS 410) detects pedestrians at a distance of up to 170 metres. It is fitted as standard in the new VW Tiguan.

Johnson Matthey consortium in fuel cell initiative 17 Jun 16

Dave Leggett

Johnson Matthey says it has been developing and supplying membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) that are a key component of an automotive fuel cell.

VW Group issues new strategy to 2025 16 Jun 16

Dave Leggett

Volkswagen Group has set out a new strategy to 2025 in which it aims to become a "world-leading provider of sustainable mobility".

Plastic Omnium's new fuel tank for hybrids 15 Jun 16

Dave Leggett

In anticipation of high growth across the hybrid market (5.5m cars in 2020 versus 2m in 2015), Plastic Omnium is introducing a new-generation plastic tank for plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Ford hails shared developer programme for apps 15 Jun 16

Dave Leggett

Ford says that its SmartDeviceLink’s new developer programme will make it easier to build in-car apps for a growing list of global automakers that have adopted or are exploring adoption of the Ford-created smartphone app interface standard.

Nissan developing ethanol-based fuel cell tech 14 Jun 16

Dave Leggett

Nissan claims to be working on a new ethanol-based fuel cell technology that could potentially be safer and cheaper than the hydrogen-based fuel cell technology that is currently under development by a number of OEMs.

Daimler spending EUR7bn on more 'green' models 13 Jun 16

Graeme Roberts

Daimler will spend around EUR7 bn on 'green' technology in two years, the automaker announced.

Koreans develop new diesel particulate filter 13 Jun 16

Tony Pugliese

South Korea’s Institute of Machinery and Materials said it had developed a new particulate filter that helps reduce diesel soot emissions by up to 95%.

General Motors to expand Ontario R&D 10 Jun 16

Graeme Roberts

General Motors said it had chosen the province of Ontario to "significantly" expand its engineering and software development work in Canada. It expects to create more than 700 jobs.

"Lead or be knocked out" - Changan president 8 Jun 16

Simon Warburton

Changan says it still needs to focus on providing Chinese consumers with good value products as the plethora of new technologies poised to potentially enter the market gathers pace.

Honda to strengthen R&D in intelligent tech 6 Jun 16

Dave Leggett

Honda R&D Co., Ltd., a research and development subsidiary of Honda, has announced plans to further strengthen its research and development of intelligent technologies.

VW/SEAT/UPC create urban mobility with CARNET 3 Jun 16

Dave Leggett

SEAT, the Universitat Politecnica de Cataluna (UPC) and Volkswagen Group research are kicking off CARNET - cooperative automotive research network, the first major research and innovation hub to focus on the automotive field and urban mobility of the future of Barcelona.

VW Wolfsburg plant adopts 'ride along platform' 1 Jun 16

Dave Leggett

The logistics operation at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg has recently begun using an innovative system for gathering materials. The so-called ride-along platform, developed in-house by the Volkswagen Plant logistics department, ensures a high level of process reliability and ideal ergonomic working conditions for employees, the company says.

New diesel engine family debut on Mercedes E-Class 31 May 16

Dave Leggett

Mercedes-Benz says it is the first manufacturer to put diesel vehicles on the market that already meet the EU’s stricter emission limits that come into force in September 2017.

Johnson Controls funds uni battery research 27 May 16

Graeme Roberts

Johnson Controls has announced two multi-year research projects at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) aimed at enhancing the fuel efficiency of start-stop and next-generation battery-electric vehicles.

Scania links up with Ericsson to test 5G mobile te 26 May 16

Dave Leggett

VW-owned Scania says it has become the first company to test the communication giant's new 5G technology components, as part of a collaboration between Scania and Ericsson Research exploring the use of 5G networks in transport communications.

Latest blogs

Servicing a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle 19 Apr 16

Graeme Roberts

According to Toyota GB, the first Mirai in the UK to be booked in for a routine service gave technicians at a north west London dealership the opportunity to put their specialist hydrogen fuel cell training into practice.

Nissan's 'self-parking office chairs' 22 Feb 16

Dave Leggett

Have to admit, this made me laugh. Nissan has come up with a tidy solution to the age-old problem of wandering chairs in the open plan office.

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