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Latest Insights

COMMENT: FKG keeps ears on the track in Gothenburg

Last week saw Scandinavian automotive supplier body FKG's Annual Forum in Gothenburg, bringing together more than 400 component producers, p...

COMMENT: Sweden looks to warm up emerging markets

It's as if the Cold War never went away....

COMMENT: Paris in need of radicalism once more

Conjure up an image of Paris and chances are a multitude of accepted versions will crowd your brain, a smorgasbord of real experiences and t...

COMMENT: Diesel engine crackdown coming

A global crackdown on diesel engine emissions is only a matter of time and businesses need to plan ahead, says supply chain specialist Richa...

Latest Interviews

Q&A with Evolution Time Critical 2 Sep 2014

Matthew Beecham

The automotive industry is now using logistics in a more proactive way to provide the flexibility which is required due to diversifying model ranges. There is also the question of quality, of course. Components that have been acceptable in previous years are being failed by more stringent testing. Matthew Beecham spoke to Brad Brennan, managing director of emergency logistics specialist Evolution Time Critical.

INTERVIEW: Anne Ruthmann, Citroën C4 Cactus PM 8 Jul 2014

Glenn Brooks

Citroën C4 Cactus Chef de Projet Anne Ruthmann answers questions on key suppliers, lightweight technology, sales prospects and other topics.

Latest News

Gentex posts net income up 30% to US$72m 24 Oct 14

Simon Warburton

Gentex has posted net income for the third quarter of 2014 up 30% to US$72m, compared with net income of US$56m in the third quarter of 2013.3.

Dupont 'fights every step' against EC coolant move 23 Oct 14

Simon Warburton

Dupont says it will 'fight every step of the way' against European Commission (EC) moves that say it may have breached European Union (EU) anti-trust rules along with fellow-chemical producer, Honeywell.

Russian tension will not escalate: chief economist 23 Oct 14

Simon Warburton

A leading Swedish economist says he does not believe simmering tensions surrounding Russia's influence in Eastern Ukraine will escalate into anything more serious.

Dana reveals Q3 net income up 32% to US$90m 23 Oct 14

Simon Warburton

Dana has reported third quarter net income up 32% to US$90m, compared to US$68m in the same period last year.

Federal-Mogul posts US$18m Q3 net loss 23 Oct 14

Simon Warburton

Federal-Mogul has posted a third quarter loss of US$18m based on net sales of US$1.87bn, up 11% on a continuing operations basis.

Valeo posts Q3 sales up 10% to US$3.9bn 23 Oct 14

Simon Warburton

Valeo has unveiled third quarter sales up 10% to EUR3.07bn (US$3.9bn), with original equipment sales advancing 13%.

Latest blogs

The just-auto Readership Survey 2014 7 Oct 14

Dave Leggett

We have just launched our first readership survey in two years.

Metering expectations 16 Jan 14

Simon Warburton

Huge sheets of ice are progressing in a stately manner down the Detroit River outside the Cobo and with forecast of snow this afternoon, it will feel more like Michigan in January than yesterday's almost balmy temperatures.

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