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If you like being looked at, you will love the i8. It turns the heads of seemingly everyone who sees you on the road, and even more so in ca...


The name remains but in every other way, Renault’s Twingo is truly all-new. This is also the first model to use Edison, a rear-engined, rear...

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Infiniti Q50 2.0t

There was already a choice of V6 petrol hybrid or four-cylinder diesel power for Infiniti Europe's Q50. Now, Nissan's upscale division has a...

THE WEEK THAT WAS: The August harvest...

The news this week was a mixed bag with some positives and negatives....

Latest Interviews

INTERVIEW: Tesla UK country manager Georg Ell 31 Jul 2014

Glenn Brooks

With a background in IT and start-ups, Georg Ell isn't your typical car company boss. But he seems a perfect fit in his role as UK and Ireland country manager for Tesla Motors.

INTERVIEW: Audi's 'Mr RHD' retires 31 Jul 2014

Graeme Roberts

David Ingrams, who retired from Audi UK's press office today (31 July) played a key role in helping the German automaker's engineers achieve "uncompromised" right hand drive configurations and also oversaw a collection of about 50 classic cars, many of which he helped to launch when new. The man who praised Audi for taking the long-term view has himself served 36 years with the automaker and the connection may not yet be completely severed.

Latest News

Ford eyes a tripling of Lincoln sales by 2020 30 Sep 14

Dave Leggett

Ford is forecasting that its Lincoln luxury brand will triple its vehicle sales to approximately 300,000 a year by 2020 following the brand's introduction in China.

UMW Toyota strengthens Malaysian network 29 Sep 14

Tony Pugliese

Malaysia’s UMW Toyota Motor plans to spend up to MYR500m (US$153m) to expand its dealer and aftersales network to meet growing demand for Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

Volkswagen plans luxury sedan for China 24 Sep 14

Graeme Roberts

Volkswagen plans to launch a new luxury sedan, codenamed 511, under the VW brand and only in China.

GM makes Cadillac separate business unit, NYC HQ 24 Sep 14

Graeme Roberts

As part of continued expansion of Cadillac, General Motors will reestablish its flagship brand as a separate business unit with a new global headquarters in New York set to open in 2015.

Lotus ending street-legal car sales in US 24 Sep 14

Graeme Roberts

Lotus will soon halt the sale of its Evora sports car in the US because the model does not comply with the federal requirement to fit smart airbags.

Hyundai expects growth in rural India 24 Sep 14

Graeme Roberts

Following Toyota India's recent announcement of a new marketing push in rural areas, Hyundai Motor India said rural sales accounted for 20% of its tally for August 2014, compared with 12% in 2011.

Latest blogs

Mercedes basks in German World Cup victory 16 Jul 14

Simon Warburton

Mercedes-Benz has wasted no time in basking in Germany's reflected glory of winning the World Cup on Sunday night and becoming the first side since reunification to lift the golden trophy.

Brand 'trust' for premiums 30 Apr 14

Dave Leggett

Some interesting thoughts here from Tokuo Fukuichi, head of Lexus, on brand trust and where Lexus is compared with the Germans.

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