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THE WEEK THAT WAS: GM, FCA, axe plant, Chrysler UK

Two major automakers respectively wielded the axe this week. General Motors all but shut down its Russian production and dumped Opel there w...

Europe can be a Cadillac 'test bed' region

While Cadillac’s goal of evolving into a global luxury brand is dependent on the US and China, Europe remains part of the long-term equation...

Once more 2 the B-segment breach, Mazda

Starter for 10 - what is the average age of the B-segment buyer here in the UK?...

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: MY2015 Range Rover Hybrid

It’s 120kg heavier than its equivalent SDV6 variants, yet averages 30+mpg in the real world with 26% fewer emissions of CO2. It will glide i...

Latest Interviews

INTERVIEW: Carl Bayliss, head of Infiniti UK 5 Feb 2015

Glenn Brooks

Carl Bayliss recently returned to his homeland after a decade in Hong Kong. He is the new country manager for Infiniti UK, responsible for all business activities including Sales, Marketing and Network Development.

INTERVIEW: Paul Williams, CEO, SsangYong UK 28 Nov 2014

Dave Leggett

The head of the UK distribution arm of SsangYong tells Dave Leggett that he expects the Korean brand to double its UK sales in 2015, boosted by the impact of the upcoming small SUV, Tivoli.

Latest News

EXCLUSIVE: Renault merging next Laguna & Latitude 26 Mar 15

Glenn Brooks

A spokesman for Renault has told just-auto that "a D segment sedan and wagon" range will replace the current Laguna and Latitude/Safrane models. There will not be a successor for the Laguna coupe.

Nissan delivers Leaf #75,000 20 Mar 15

Graeme Roberts

Nissan's US unit has delivered its 75,000th Leaf EV.

FCA launches Jeep Renegade as Chrysler axe falls 19 Mar 15

Chris Wright

Speaking at the UK market Jeep Renegade media launch, top Fiat Chrysler Automobiles executives on Thursday (19 March) confirmed - as already widely reported - the automaker is pulling the Chrysler brand out of the UK market after a number of ultimately unsuccessful attempts to kick start the marque under various ownerships dating back to the early 1990s.

General Motors closing Russian assembly lines 18 Mar 15

Graeme Roberts

General Motors said it would "change its business model in Russia" by axing Opel, scaling down Chevrolet to premium US-made imports and closing two production facilities.

UK: FCA takes the axe to Chrysler brand 17 Mar 15

Glenn Brooks

Due to low sales, and the continued wind-down of the Lancia brand from markets outside Italy, FCA says it will phase out the Chrysler brand in the UK.

Brazil dealers predict a 10% sales slump this year 16 Mar 15

Fernando Calmon

Fenabrave, Brazil's national association of motor vehicle distributors, representing nearly 8,000 dealers (including those handling motorcycles, heavy trucks, semi-trailers and bus bodies), has said 2015 sales are off to a bad start and has painted a discouraging scenario for the remainder of 2015.

Latest blogs

Top Gear's storm in a teacup 12 Mar 15

Dave Leggett

Overseas readers may be picking up media reports of a 'fracas' and a presenter's suspension at popular BBC TV programme Top Gear and wondering what's going on.

The crusher, sale, or resale? 6 Jan 15

Graeme Roberts

While various parties figure out What To Do with the Hoegh Osaka and its valuable cargo of Jaguar Land Rover, Mini, Rolls-Royce and JCB products, here's how things turned out the last time we covered such an event.

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