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Latest Insights

THE WEEK THAT WAS: The August harvest...

The news this week was a mixed bag with some positives and negatives....

ANALYSIS: BMW - 2Q14 results insight

An accelerating model momentum that includes product renewal and proliferation of the portfolio into an increasing number of new sub-segment...

Volkswagen - 2Q14 results insight

The VW Group that operates eight passenger car brands, three truck brands and one motorcycle brand, reported solid 2Q14 results. Sabine Blüm...

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Europe, slowly, on the up?

While the Next Problem seems to be South America, judging by the number of times it's mentioned in the results statements for the last quart...

Latest Interviews

INTERVIEW: CLEPA CEO Jean-Marc Gales - Paris show 2 Oct 2012

Simon Warburton

European Automotive Supplier body, CLEPA, continues to power its members' interests in Brussels as well as act as the Continent's arm in negotiations with its Japanese equivalent in JAPIA and American counterparts, OESA. Simon Warburton talked to CLEPA CEO, Jean-Marc Gales at last week's Paris motor show.

INTERVIEW: FKG managing director Fredrik Sidahl 20 Mar 2012

Simon Warburton

Newly-appointed managing director of Scandinavian supplier body, FKG, Fredrik Sidahl, was 25 years with Volvo before working for Saab. In the first of two interviews, he talked to Simon Warburton in his Gothenburg office about the collapse of the iconic Swedish brand and gave some frank views on the government's attempts to save it.

Latest News

Court rejects NEVS receivership application 29 Aug 14

Chris Wright

Troubled carmaker Saab has received another setback following the decision by a Swedish court to reject a request from its Chinese owner to place the company in receivership until new financing can be found.

SWEDEN: NEVS/Saab enters administration 28 Aug 14

Glenn Brooks

NEVS, which has been attempting to revive Saab, has announced that, while it fully intends to pay creditors, it has nonetheless entered administration so as "to create more time for negotiations" [with potential investors].

Lear to acquire Eagle Ottawa 28 Aug 14

Dave Leggett

Lear has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Eagle Ottawa.

Compensation claims against GM continue to rise 27 Aug 14

Chris Wright

The number of deaths said to be associated with General Motors’ ignition switch fault have reached 100 and are among 284 compensation claims made against the company.

Hyundai Motor to merge three parts makers 21 Aug 14

Tony Pugliese

Hyundai Motor plans to merge three South Korean manufacturing subsidiaries into a single unit in an effort to streamline operations.

Volvo Cars forecasts 10% sales rise for 2014 20 Aug 14

Tony Lewis

Volvo Cars expects sales to rise by 10% this year on the back of strong growth in China and improving conditions in Europe. Earlier this year the company had forecast sales growing by 5%.

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