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THE WEEK THAT WAS: A European renaissance?

'Car sales in Europe off to a strong start' is not a headline we've been accustomed to writing much in the last few years but we did, finall...

ANALYSIS: Ford: Time to rev up profits in 2015?

Following the unveiling of Ford's Q4 and full-year 2014 financial results and, more importantly, its outlook for 2015, an obvious question i...

Review of 2014 (1)

It's still 2014, but not for much longer. In the global automotive business, plenty happened in 2014. Seasoned observer Dave Leggett offers...

Supplier industry M&A and IPO briefing

This month's managament briefing reviews the financial position of the global supplier automotive supplier industry. Part 2 highlights recen...

Latest Interviews

INTERVIEW: CLEPA CEO Jean-Marc Gales - Paris show 2 Oct 2012

Simon Warburton

European Automotive Supplier body, CLEPA, continues to power its members' interests in Brussels as well as act as the Continent's arm in negotiations with its Japanese equivalent in JAPIA and American counterparts, OESA. Simon Warburton talked to CLEPA CEO, Jean-Marc Gales at last week's Paris motor show.

INTERVIEW: FKG managing director Fredrik Sidahl 20 Mar 2012

Simon Warburton

Newly-appointed managing director of Scandinavian supplier body, FKG, Fredrik Sidahl, was 25 years with Volvo before working for Saab. In the first of two interviews, he talked to Simon Warburton in his Gothenburg office about the collapse of the iconic Swedish brand and gave some frank views on the government's attempts to save it.

Latest News

PSA confident it can hit financial target early 25 Mar 15

Chris Wright

PSA Peugeot Citroen’s financial chief is confident the French carmaker can reach its recovery goal early as its shares returned to the benchmark CAC-40 index after a two and a half year absence.

NEVS to pay vast majority of creditors in full 23 Mar 15

Simon Warburton

Approval from the District Court of Vanersborg for National Electric Vehicle Sweden's (NEVS) composition proposal, will see 469 of its creditors out of 573 paid in full.

"Noticeable" localisation in 4 years: Moscow govt 23 Mar 15

Simon Warburton

Russian government officials say they expect localisation levels of components to significantly increase in the next four years as a depreciating Rouble drives overseas companies to source domestically.

Russia to start low interest deals in two weeks 20 Mar 15

Simon Warburton

Russia's Transport Department says low interest lending will be made available in two weeks after discussing the programme with banks in a bid to boost the country's dramatically falling vehicle sales.

Moscow aims to boost market by 200,000 in 2015 20 Mar 15

Simon Warburton

Russia's Transport Ministry says it is looking to use RUB15bn (US$249m) of automotive subsidies in six months this year as Moscow aims to boost vehicle sales by 200,000 in 2015.

SEAT reduces after tax loss on sales boost 20 Mar 15

Graeme Roberts

SEAT reduced its after tax loss in 2014 to EUR66m, a 56% improvement over 2013's EUR149m in red ink.

Latest blogs

The just-auto Readership Survey 2014 7 Oct 14

Dave Leggett

We have just launched our first readership survey in two years.

Post-merger shake-out 4 Sep 14

Graeme Roberts

With the Fiat-Chrysler merger now appearing to be on the final straight, this Non Sequitur cartoon about post-merger scenarios gave me a coffee break giggle.

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