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COMMENT: Why the VW Touareg Hybrid had to die

The Volkswagen Group is killing off two engines in the Touareg due to the anti-pollution requirements of Euro 6 emissions regulations in EU...

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Celerio and Suzuki's future cars

Don't let the vanilla styling make you overlook the importance of the Celerio hatchback for Suzuki in Europe. The days of this brand being a...

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: New BlueHDi tech for Citroën C4

The Peugeot 308 GT is not the only new PSA C segment hatchback to benefit from the group’s latest BlueHDi diesel engine technology. The Citr...


Peugeot is trying to move its image and pricing to the space occupied by Volkswagen. Britain being the French brand’s third largest market,...

Latest Interviews

INTERVIEW: Carl Bayliss, head of Infiniti UK 5 Feb 2015

Glenn Brooks

Carl Bayliss recently returned to his homeland after a decade in Hong Kong. He is the new country manager for Infiniti UK, responsible for all business activities including Sales, Marketing and Network Development.

INTERVIEW: Alain Uyttenhoven, Head of Lexus Europe 24 Nov 2014

Glenn Brooks

Russia, Lexus' number one market in its European region, might be down, but UK sales are up strongly. On balance then, 2014 has been a good year, according to the brand's Head of Europe. Next, he promises more hybrids but no diesels. Why?

Latest News

Bosch predicts ICEs will beat EU CO2 targets 26 May 15

Simon Warburton

Bosch is estimating gasoline engines for sub-compact cars will beat strict European Union CO2 emission limits of 95g by some margin, with their diesel counterparts going even further.

Bosch transport strategy: "Goes beyond the Hood" 22 May 15

Simon Warburton

Bosch says it is evaluating in equal measure the impact of transportation needs as much as its technology on board future vehicles.

Bosch looks to clean energy source for future cars 22 May 15

Simon Warburton

Bosch says electric-based vehicles based on renewable energy sources "make real sense" as debate continues to rage surrounding power generation for future mobility.

ACEA calls for better emissions test measuring 20 May 15

Dave Leggett

European automakers' trade association ACEA is calling for a new and fully updated Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test needed to better measure NOx emissions of light-duty vehicles under normal driving conditions.

UK and German van markets upset EU CO2 average 19 May 15

Dave Leggett

Data from the European Environment Agency (EEA) suggests that the German amd British van markets are skewed towards bigger and more CO2 emissions intensive vans than the European average.

LG Chem to supply EV batteries to Great Wall 18 May 15

Tony Pugliese

South Korea's LG Chem Ltd has signed an agreement with China's Great Wall Motors to supply batteries for electric vehicles.

Latest blogs

Watch the Toyota Mirai being made 24 Feb 15

Glenn Brooks

Here's a chance to see details of Toyota's Mirai fuel cell car being manufactured at its Motomachi plant in Japan.

The just-auto Readership Survey 2014 7 Oct 14

Dave Leggett

We have just launched our first readership survey in two years.

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