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VEHICLE ANALYSIS: Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid

At 2,350kg, it's easily the weightiest variant of the newly facelifted range. Somehow, though, the PHEV Cayenne is Porsche's most officially...


The new Fabia five-door hatchback, on sale this month in Britain, is shorter but roomier and weighs an average 65kg less, boasts the largest...

COMMENT: Deckchair army surveys smart Hoegh work

There's been an unexpected rush on car parks down on the South Coast of England as the leviathan Hoegh Osaka - all 51,000t of her - continue...

ANALYSIS: Hoegh Osaka saga: Knowns and unknowns

With news salvers working on the 51,000t Hoegh Osaka carliner could tow the giant ship back into the Port of Southampton next week just-auto...

Latest Interviews

INTERVIEW: Alain Uyttenhoven, Head of Lexus Europe 24 Nov 2014

Glenn Brooks

Russia, Lexus' number one market in its European region, might be down, but UK sales are up strongly. On balance then, 2014 has been a good year, according to the brand's Head of Europe. Next, he promises more hybrids but no diesels. Why?

INTERVIEW: Faurecia deputy GM China Jingcheng Li 24 Nov 2014

Simon Warburton

China's astonishing growth rates of recent years is starting to ebb, but still represents a powerful performance that is the envy of most of the developed world. Simon Warburton talked to global component producer, Faurecia deputy general manager China Division, Jingcheng Li, about opportunities which challenges such as emissions control and lightweighting, present.

Latest News

Most cars unscathed by Osaka drama: ship owner 27 Jan 15

Simon Warburton

Owners of the Hoegh Osaka carship say most of the vehicles on board the vessel are able to be driven off, with relatively few damaged by water ingestion.

Automakers anxious to learn Osaka cars fate: Hoegh 23 Jan 15

Simon Warburton

Automakers involved with the salvage of 1,400 vehicles in the Hoegh Osaka are "anxious" to discover the fate of their models in the formerly stricken ship, which has now moored alongside berth 101 in the Port of Southampton says the vessel owner.

Hoegh Osaka due back in Southampton at 17:00 GMT 22 Jan 15

Simon Warburton

Hoegh Autoliners says its giant Osaka carship is on the move and could even arrive back in the Port of Southampton by 17:00 local today (22 January).

Salvers look to slash Hoegh list to 5° for tow 21 Jan 15

Simon Warburton

Rapidly reducing list on the Hoegh Osaka could see the giant carship towed back into the Port of Southampton tomorrow afternoon (22 January), although unpredictable weather may yet delay her entry.

Weather dashes Hoegh tow but heavy list reducing 21 Jan 15

Simon Warburton

UK coastguards say it is unlikely the Hoegh Osaka carliner will be moved from its anchorage near the South coast port of Southampton tonight (21 January), although the severe list angle continues to be reduced.

Midnight tow mulled as Hoegh to right 10 degrees 20 Jan 15

Simon Warburton

Salvers working on the Hoegh Osaka say they are hoping to raise the listing ship by a further 10 degrees today (20 January) as preparations start for a possible tow back to the Port of Southampton at high tide tomorrow night.

Latest blogs

The just-auto Readership Survey 2014 7 Oct 14

Dave Leggett

We have just launched our first readership survey in two years.

Toyota i-Road leaning car - the video 30 Jun 14

Glenn Brooks

TMC continues to promote Japan's Ha-Mo car sharing scheme via its own i-Road commuter model. The latest promotional video is worth a look.

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