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JCI successfully addresses KPIs for R&D

Measuring the effectiveness of a company's R&D and innovation processes can be as difficult as quantum mechanics, writes Calum MacRae....

THE WEEK THAT WAS: And so to Paris

The Paris show, of course, was the big event this week and just-auto was there in force....

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Big fish eaten by bigger fish

The big news this week was the long-expected announcement ZF would swallow TRW whole, re-establishing the respected chassis systems and safe...

COMMENT: The UK's Scotland and EU parallels

The people of Scotland have had their say on independence and decided to stay in the UK. It was a close vote, but in the end the margin was...

Latest Interviews

Q&A with JATCO Ltd 14 Oct 2014

Calum MacRae

Calum MacRae talked to JATCO's Yuko Fujita. JATCO holds 49% of the world CVT market. JATCO, 75% held by Nissan Motor Company, was exhibiting at the Paris Motor Show for the first time.

Q&A with Allison Transmission 13 Oct 2014

Matthew Beecham

Allison, the automatic transmission specialists, is rolling out FuelSense, a fuel-saving solution that automatically adjusts shift schedules, selects neutral and manages vehicle acceleration to maximise transmission fuel economy. Last month, Kenworth became the third OEM to adopt the package. Manlio Alvaro, director of EMEA Marketing, tells just-auto that testing indicates FuelSense has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent when compared to the previous generation of Allison Electronic Controls without these fuel saving feature

Latest News

Russian tension will not escalate: chief economist 23 Oct 14

Simon Warburton

A leading Swedish economist says he does not believe simmering tensions surrounding Russia's influence in Eastern Ukraine will escalate into anything more serious.

Tatkata airbag recall extended to 7.8m US vehicles 22 Oct 14

Graeme Roberts

Safety regulator NHTSA on Wednesday (22 October) expanded the number of vehicles in the United States that may be affected by recalls for potentially defective Takata air bags that could spray shrapnel at occupants from 6.1m announced on Tuesday to 7.8m.

Volvo looks to double output by 2020 22 Oct 14

Simon Warburton

Volvo says it is looking to double its market share to 2% in order to offer an alternative to German brands.

FKG looks to January for Iran supplier visit 22 Oct 14

Simon Warburton

Scandinavian automotive supplier body, FKG, is confirming it will look to lead a supplier delegation to Iran early next year as a thawing diplomatic environment continues to take shape.

FKG rues lack of Industry Minister: MD 22 Oct 14

Simon Warburton

Scandinavian automotive supplier body, FKG, is describing the lack of a Swedish Industry Minister as a "bit odd," following the election of a new Parliament in Stockholm.

Takata shares recover after recall charge update 22 Oct 14

Graeme Roberts

Takata Corporation, the Japanese maker of air bags at the centre of an auto industry-wide safety crisis, has recovered from its biggest-ever drop in Tokyo share trading after saying additional charges related to recalls would be small.

Latest blogs

Delphi visit 14 Oct 14

Dave Leggett

I've been visiting powertrain people at Delphi today, hearing about some of the fascinating stuff going on there to yield engine efficiency savings.

The just-auto Readership Survey 2014 7 Oct 14

Dave Leggett

We have just launched our first readership survey in two years.

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