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What now for docked Hoegh Osaka cargo?

So the saga of the Osaka is finally over - at least the seaborne element of it anyway - but perhaps now the real drama begins back at port i...

ANALYSIS: Hoegh Osaka saga: Knowns and unknowns

With news salvers working on the 51,000t Hoegh Osaka carliner could tow the giant ship back into the Port of Southampton next week just-auto...

ANALYSIS: Shock as US Honda CR-V outsells all cars

With 32,369 units sold, American Honda's CR-V was the market's best selling SUV in December. Another upset: the Toyota Camry was toppled as...

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: 2015MY Great Wall Steed

In a decade's time, will Great Wall have become a rising force across European markets in the way that Hyundai and Kia are now? The newly re...

Latest Interviews

INTERVIEW: Ford UK fleet director, Phil Hollins 3 Mar 2014

Dave Leggett

Ford's UK fleet director Phil Hollins is responsible for UK market leader Ford's fleet sales. Dave Leggett recently caught up with him at a launch event for the new Transit Connect.

Q&A with XL Hybrids: Electric powertrains for CVs 24 Jul 2013

Matthew Beecham

US-based XL Hybrids is a developer of hybrid-electric powertrain technology for commercial vans and pickup trucks. In this interview, Matthew Beecham talked with the company’s VP of business development and co-founder, Justin Ashton about what makes their technology different and where we can see it.

Latest News

"Bumps and dents" for some driveable Hoegh cars 29 Jan 15

Simon Warburton

BMW says it is waiting for the full report of its inspectors before deciding what to do with its 65 Minis and one Rolls-Royce Wraith currently on board the Hoegh Osaka docked in Southampton Port.

Most cars unscathed by Osaka drama: ship owner 27 Jan 15

Simon Warburton

Owners of the Hoegh Osaka carship say most of the vehicles on board the vessel are able to be driven off, with relatively few damaged by water ingestion.

Isuzu building US$488m truck and SUV factory 27 Jan 15

Graeme Roberts

Isuzu Motors is building an INR30bn (US$488m) factory in Sricity, Andhra Pradesh.

Finally, a UK CV output uptick 26 Jan 15

Graeme Roberts

UK commercial vehicle (CV) manufacturing output was up 12.6% in December, the first month of growth since July 2013.

Automakers anxious to learn Osaka cars fate: Hoegh 23 Jan 15

Simon Warburton

Automakers involved with the salvage of 1,400 vehicles in the Hoegh Osaka are "anxious" to discover the fate of their models in the formerly stricken ship, which has now moored alongside berth 101 in the Port of Southampton says the vessel owner.

DRB-Hicom to assemble Tata trucks 23 Jan 15

Tony Pugliese

Malaysia’s DRB-Hicom is spending MYR10m (US$2.8m) to assemble Tata trucks at its plant in Pekan, in Pahang state.

Latest blogs

The just-auto Readership Survey 2014 7 Oct 14

Dave Leggett

We have just launched our first readership survey in two years.

Mercedes basks in German World Cup victory 16 Jul 14

Simon Warburton

Mercedes-Benz has wasted no time in basking in Germany's reflected glory of winning the World Cup on Sunday night and becoming the first side since reunification to lift the golden trophy.

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