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Are you looking for the latest OEM and supplier automotive competitive analysis, component sector forecasts, and automotive technology intelligence to assist with strategic business decisions?

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OEM intelligence

OEM intelligence of the 56 largest auto manufacturers, including SWOT analysis, company news, interviews, company overview and sector activity.

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Supplier intelligence

Analysis of the top tier 1 automotive suppliers. Instant competitive intelligence across the value chain with SWOT analysis, market share, interviews and news.

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Sector intelligence

Detailed analysis of the key automotive technologies driving the industry. Vehicle technology intelligence on powertrain, chassis, safety, materials and connectivity.

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Future model data

Future vehicle program information from PLDB, the model lifecycle database. Learn who will be building what future models, when and where.

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QUBE is the automotive industry research platform from publisher and automotive consulting firm, just-auto. Packed with intelligence and automotive industry research, QUBE provides purchasing, strategy, sales, marketing, NPD, competitive intelligence and engineering teams with insight on the companies and technologies that are shaping today’s automotive value chain.

Purchasing & Sourcing Teams

Purchasing & sourcing teams

QUBE can help you identify and assess vendors by technology sector, allowing you to make more informed supplier selections.

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Strategy Teams

Strategy teams

Analyse customers and competitors, identify technology trends, and find opportunities to inform your strategic plans.

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Sales & Marketing Teams

Sales & marketing teams

Uncover your customers’ needs with QUBE, and find new buyers for your components with just-auto’s future model database, PLDB.

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New Product Development Teams

New product development teams

Conduct data-driven analysis of new materials and automotive technologies, and monitor competitor new product launches.

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Competitive Intelligence Teams

Competitive intelligence teams

Learn who is launching what, and when. Get an independent view on suppliers and OEMs, informing your automotive competitive analysis.

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Engineering Teams

Engineering teams

Stay ahead of the curve with technology forecasts and train your team with straightforward technology evaluations.

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