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PLDB (Product Lifecycle DataBase) from is a model level database. PLDB puts information on the production life of over 3,000 current and future models globally by 251 brands from 170 groups at your fingertips.

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just-auto's current and future model database PLDB holds lifecycle information for over 3,000 models.

The database provides extensive coverage of each entry including; make, model, start/end of production dates, plant/country of manufacture, vehicle code name, platform name, and average annual lifecycle production volumes. Expert analyst commentary is also provided.

Data can be referenced in one of two ways - through a traditional table layout or via GANTT style lifecycle charts, that provide a visual reference to product activity through group, make, model or plant filters.

Immediately visualise auto model lifetime data

  • See the lifetime, in years, of a specific automotive manufacturer, make, model, platform or plant.
  • Simply click on a cell to bring up a GANTT-style vehicle program chart.

Instant knowledge with detailed vehicle profiles

  • Vehicle profiles are accompanied by an analyst-compiled profile, and average annual lifecycle production volumes.
  • Profiles include vehicle codenames, background history, launch details, and key technical data.

Continually updated to give you data to rely on

  • Vehicle data is updated on a daily basis by our automotive analysts.
  • Our specialists use a extensive network of manufacturer and supplier contacts to keep our data reliable and up-to-date.

Find vehicle lifetimes quicker than ever before

  • Use PLDB’s powerful search to find the make, model or platform you are interested in.
  • Checkbox search filters help you drill-down further; for example, only selecting vehicles in a certain car segment.

PLDB features the following light vehicle segmentation (equivalent US EPA classifications in brackets):

A-segment mini cars (Minicompact car), B-segment small cars (Subcompact car), C-segment medium cars (Compact car), D-segment large cars (Mid-size car), E-segment executive cars (Large car), F-segment luxury cars (Large car), S-segment sports coupes (Two-seater), M-segment MPV small (Minivan), M-segment MPV compact (Minivan), M-segment MPV large (Minivan), M-segment LCV (Cargo van/passenger van), J-segment SUV mini (Small SUV), J-segment SUV compact (Small SUV), J-segment SUV mid-size (Standard SUV), J-segment SUV full-size (Standard SUV), Pickup mini (Small pickup), Pickup mid-size (Small pickup) and Pickup full-size (Standard pickup).

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