Yazaki North America will transfer technical expertise supporting high-voltage engineering and manufacturing capabilities from its operations in Japan to North America.

Scheduled to occur over the next three years, the move will strengthen the company's rapidly growing hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), high-voltage connection systems and components business in the United States.

"Hybrid vehicles have an increasingly bright future in the US market place," said George Perry, president and CEO, Yazaki North America.

Yazaki is well-positioned in the high-voltage field in Japan and has been developing components to support electric drive technologies for over 10 years. Its high-voltage products are used on all hybrid electric vehicles sold in North America.

In a first phase, Yazaki North America will dispatch engineers to Japan for a year to work directly with their Japanese counterparts. Throughout the entire transition period, Yazaki will respond to customer requests by engaging the necessary resources from its global company.

In the second phase, the company will begin manufacturing selected high-voltage products, such as cables, in North America. The location of the North American manufacturing facility is yet to be determined.

At the completion of the third phase of the transfer, Yazaki will have established sufficient subsystem manufacturing and engineering capabilities locally to support any customer's North American application of high voltage technology.