GM boss Rick Wagoner has reportedly slapped down comments made by colleague Bob Lutz that global warming was a 'total crock of shit'.

The Detroit News said that Wagoner was speaking at a breakfast briefing.

"The comments weren't coming out of our company," Wagoner said, noting the company has made its strategy clear to address legitimate societal concerns about climate change.

 "The data is pretty clear that the temperature on the earth is rising. There's all sort of debates as to why but we've clearly come down on the side it makes sense for us to put our business in a position where we can participate proactively in reducing the amount of (carbon dioxide) emissions," Wagoner said, according to the Detroit News.

Lutz reportedly dismissed global warming as a 'total crock of shit' in remarks made to reporters in Texas in January.

In a posting on his GM 'fastlane' blog, Lutz was unrepentant on the remarks - acknowledging that they were his opinion, but maintaining that his critics were 'missing the big picture'.

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