Volkswagen will not be increasing exports to China in order to lessen inventory pressure at its European dealerships, according to brand management director Paul Hu, speaking at an event in Shanghai.

China Daily said recent media reports suggested VW would increase exports to China in order to take some pressure off its European dealerships whose sales barely increased this year. However, Hu denied the speculation.

He said the automaker decides its production and sales plans a year in advance and that, without any such plans in place, there is no way that it will suddenly order an increase in exports.

"China is not like a sponge that can take in water at any time," he commented. According to Hu, any notions to raise export volume would have to first take into consideration market conditions and product competitiveness.

In regards to VW's current export sales to China, Hu stated that the manufacturer has been able to sustain steady growth, which he attributes to rising sales in the western regions of the country. Sales of imported VWs in China from January to October were over 42% higher than they were a year ago. 57,000 VWs were exported to the country over the first three quarters of the year.

Hu said fewer new models would come to China in 2013 as in previous years. Instead, VW will launch over 15 limited and special edition models next year.