Volkswagen's Mexico plant union has accepted a 5.5% pay and benefits package to end a strike that began last week, the Labour Ministry said on Wednesday.

Under the deal, about 9,700 workers at Volkswagen's Puebla plant, east of Mexico City, will receive 4% more cash, plus extra benefits worth 1.5%, the deputy labour minister said, according to Reuters.

"The most important thing is that the problem is resolved," deputy minister Emilio Gomez Vives was reported as saying. "I am very content because a labour problem so important for the nation has been settled."

Reuters noted the workers walked off the job on Friday after rejecting an earlier offer of a 4% increase to wages plus 0.5% to benefits. The union had originally asked for an 8.5% pay rise.

They could be back at work as soon as the afternoon shift on Wednesday, Gomez Vives reportedly said.

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