Volkswagen is refusing to blame its suppliers for a shortage of parts that will see the German automaker shut its Wolfsburg plant next Monday (31 January).

Booming demand has seen a hitch in VW's supply chain, with suppliers struggling to keep up with high demand, but the manufacturer is remaining sanguine about the enforced stoppage.

"We do not blame suppliers," a VW spokesman in Germany told just-auto. "Whenever we have a shortage the cars we sell are Volkswagen's - they are not the sum of this and this supplier - they are Volkswagen's.

"We take responsibility for this - we don't' blame others."

The factory - producing the Tiguan, Golf, Golf Plus and Touran - will stop work for an unspecified time on Monday as VW looks to catch up with its supply chain.

Insisting the shut-down is "seldom experienced," VW maintains the closure will be short-term to allow suppliers to catch up.

Some workers will be sent home, others will remain on site while various "installments" are made. "It is an effective time to do it," said the spokesman.

"We currently have very high demand - to meet this demand of course we need our suppliers to stack up their deliveries. It is good news of course. If we were able to get all the parts, it would be even better."

VW declined to put any cost on the stoppage or to name the suppliers or parts concerned.

Other reports indicate several other automakers in Germany are also experiencing challenges in coping with demand as suppliers struggle to meet increased orders.