Volkswagen Osnabrück has made an offer to the administrator of Wilhelm Karmann to take on 329 employees of the Karmann metal unit.

Employees at the unit, which comprises tool-making, engineering and a press shop, have already been working on commission for Volkswagen for several months.

The offer would secure expert knowledge at the Osnabrück site and at the same time make sure the entire vehicle construction process chain is covered says Volkswagen.
Hubert Waltl, Board Member for Production and Logistics at the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, said: "Volkswagen values the knowledge available at the Osnabrück site. Our offer to transfer the majority of the metal unit workforce to Volkswagen Osnabrück has a sustainable economic foundation.

"We will be covering all competences in the automotive process chain from vehicle development through tool-making, engineering and press shop to vehicle production in Osnabrück. This automobile location so rich in tradition can look forward to a successful future."

Negotiations concerning the technical development unit at Karmann with a total headcount of 292 are also close to completion.

Subject to approval from the European Commission, Volkswagen will therefore be safeguarding a total of 621 jobs in technical development and the metal unit in Osnabrück in addition to those in vehicle construction, where preparations are already under way.

These arrangements are based on the agreement concluded with the IG Metall union under which the jobs of Volkswagen Osnabrück employees are guaranteed until the end of 2014.

Ludger Teeken, speaker for the board of management of Volkswagen Osnabrück said: "Our activities to start producing the Golf Cabrio in spring 2011 are right on schedule.

"We are delighted to have additional highly-qualified experts from the metal unit and technical development on board for production start-up."