Volkswagen will start recalling 190,000 cars in India from July. It will upgrade emissions control software following revelations of alleged cheating on official tests when real world output was much higher.

The Indian recall is described as "voluntary" and the automaker has not faced any charges there. It has admitted to using defeat devices which kept emissions within limits when on test but were disabled for everyday use. Around 11m engines were affected worldwide.

Local reports suggested Volkswagen India was trying to preserve its good name with the recall even though there was no official demand for it to do so.

The recall process is expected to take 10 months with customers being notified in phases from next month.

VW said recently its supervisory board will ask shareholders attending its 22 June AGM in Germany to ratify the actions of its management board in 2015, saying that its investigation into the diesel emissions testing scandal has not yet turned up anything to cause it to recommend otherwise.