Volvo plans to launch a special long wheelbase, petrol S60L plug-in hybrid model in China in mid-2015, a local media report said. said the new PHEV, a variant of the locally-produced S60L, built to cater for China's chauffeur-drive business market, has a two-litre, turbocharged, I4 petrol engine combined with an electric motor. The petrol engine produces 235hp and the electric 70hp, bringing the combined output to 305hp with peak torque of 550Nm.

The electric motor sends power to the rear wheels while the petrol engine powers the front wheels. The model has a range of 1,000km (600 miles) and fuel economy of 2.1 litres/km with 0-100km/h acceleration in six seconds.

The S60L hybrid is expected to be priced from CNY320,000 (US$52,090).

VEHICLE ANALYSIS: UK market Volvo V60 diesel PHEV