Volvo is to apply to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange tomorrow (25 January).

Company chief Stefan Jacoby will take part in the ceremony as part of his three day visit to China.

The move marks the company's first major premiere in the Chinese stock market since it changed hands from Ford to Geely last August.

A spokesman for the company said that registering on the stock exchange was “only a small step”, as Volvo pushes ahead with the construction of a design and technology centre in China while its much-anticipated business strategy will be announced at "the end of February or early March".

According to a report that appeared in First Financial Times, the new Volvo Sedans (China) will be increasing the scope and number of its China's services.

The newspaper reported that Volvo China will be opening departments to deal with product development, construction, quality control, purchasing, investment, finance, legal affairs, human resource and public services in addition to the original sales, marketing and service operations.

Following the company’s stock exchange registration, Volvo will begin its shift from a national retail sales company to an all purpose business group.

The report added that the new Chinese headquarters would be similar in scale to its Swedish base, forming Volvo's twin HQ.