China's Business Daily Update reports that Volvo plans to bring a new model into China every year to cash in on the world's fastest-growing car market.

The plan is an important part of Volvo Car's global strategy to launch a new model every year to boost its annual sales to 600,000 units in coming years from 408,000 last year, according to Beijing-based officials of the company.

The plan came on the eve of a three-day visit to China by Gerry Keaney, newly appointed vice-president of Volvo Car.

"China is a car market with the greatest potential in the world and it will contribute a lot to our overall growth. We shall place top priority on our China strategy," Keaney said in a statement.

"We have a very competitive product range and with the aggressive product plan we have in store, I am convinced that Volvo's operations will grow (in China)," he added.

The company will launch its newly developed XC90 sport utility vehicle on the Chinese market this year, according to the firm's Beijing-based officials.
Volvo Car now exports the S80, S60, XC70 and C70 vehicles to China. The officials said the company expects its sales in China to exceed 2,000 units this year.

"Our priority in China now is to continue to enhance brand image and develop sales and service networks," the officials said.

Volvo Car will set up two more large centres for sales, spare parts supply, aftersales services and personnel training this year in Shanghai and Dalian, a port city in Northeast China's Liaoning Province, they added.

Volvo Car announced earlier that it was considering producing its vehicles at Ford's existing facilities in China. Ford has a car joint venture with a local partner in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, which started to produce its small-sized Fiesta in January.