The first car equipped with Volvo On Call in China has been delivered. The automaker uses WirelessCar for telematics systems based on architecture proven over 14 years in all major and developing markets.

Through this, Volvo Cars will deliver services such as giving owners access to dedicated concierge 24/7 for guidance, bookings, news and so on.

On Call also includes safety, security and convenience services such as: emergency-call, remote door unlock, theft notification, stolen vehicle tracking and immobilisation. Other services include smartphone-based telematics powered by the same architecture using a flexible application programming interface which Volvo Cars now offers for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.

The service vehicle finder shows the current location of a car on a map along with reverse-geocoded address. Engine remote start allows an owner to pre-condition their vehicle with heat or air conditioning prior to entering the vehicle. Honk & flash will help find a car in large parking areas and the driving journal discreetly tracks each drive cycle including start and finish locations and times, duration and distance as well as the fuel used.

"This is yet another customer for WirelessCar in China, which will enable us to penetrate the Chinese market even further," said Martin Rosell, managing director, WirelessCar.

Volvo was WirelessCar’s first OEM customer in 2000. Recent On Call launches in North America and China this year further extend the relatioship between automaker and supplier. WirelessCar now provides Volvo telematics services in 20 countries.