Visteon says it will deliver its thermoformed fuel tanks for future General Motors vehicles.

"Visteon's new thermoformed fuel storage products can help automakers reduce automotive evaporative emissions," said Roseann Stevens, Visteon vice president of the General Motors Customer Business Group. "This advancement in automotive component design and manufacturing enhances efforts to reduce automotive emissions, meeting both customer and consumer expectations."

Visteon's says that its thermoformed fuel tanks allow system components to be integrated inside the fuel tank. The tank wall geometry is constructed from a six-layer, high-density polyethylene with an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) barrier. The tank integrates the fuel delivery system, fuel filters, fuel/vapour lines and on-board recovery system into the tank. Integrating components into the tank reduces the number of paths where fuel vapours can escape, minimising evaporative emissions.

Visteon adds that plastic fuel tanks typically offer automakers a 30 percent weight reduction over steel tanks.