Visteon says it has incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the driver experience, with the system known as Human Bayesian Intelligence Technology (HABIT).

The supplier says the system uses machine learning algorithms that are cognisant of the specific driver and the surrounding environment.

The HABIT system learns as it processes a driver's selections of climate temperatures, radio stations, phone call tendencies and other behaviour, depending on the outside temperature and time of day.

It factors in the individual's historical inputs to present a human-machine interaction (HMI) that is customised for the driver. The system also learns the driver's tastes claims Visteon - even when they are not in the vehicle.

For example, HABIT registers activity such as music the driver has listened to using their on-line music library or internet radio. 

"The goal of HABIT is to become an experience that improves each time the driver uses the system," said Visteon innovation manager, Shadi Mere.

"With vehicle manufacturers striving to deliver a more personalised driving experience, the HABIT cockpit concept demonstrates how your car can learn and grow with you over its lifetime."

Visteon says its cockpit concept incorporates high-end graphics and animation designed to improve interaction with mobile devices.