UK car and commercial vehicle production fell 3.8% in June 2006 to 156,370 units.

Year to date output of 905,639 was off 5.6%. Home market production was down 19% to 226,351 units while export production fell just 0.1% to 679,288.

June car production was 139,236 units, down 3.5% with 106,823 (-4.4%) for export and 32,503 (-0.2%) for UK sale.

YTD, 799,518 (-5.8%) cars have been built in the UK with 608,837 (-0.8%) shipped to other markets and 190,681 (-19%) sold at home.

UK-market commercial vehicle production fell 22.1% to 6,427 in June but the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) blamed the introduction of new rules requiring digital tachographs to be fitted for a 'bring forward' effect on sales in May, leading to the June fall.

Export commercial vehicle production actually rose by 6.5% last month to 10,617 units. A total of 17,044 vehicles were built, down 6.6%.

YTD CV production is 106,121 units (-3.6%); 70,451 (+6.5%) for export and 35,670 (-18.9%) for UK sale.

"Commercial vehicle production export markets continue to sustain high levels," said SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan,

"Output for the home market has taken a bit of a knock recently following the rush to beat the digitach deadline in May.

"But a slower June may well also have something to do with plants preparing for the introduction of new models, like the new Ford Transit in Southampton."