Vauxhall will remain the main General Motors brand in the UK, GM president and CEO Rick Wagoner said at the Geneva Motor Show today.

GM Europe's products are sold under the Opel brand in Europe, including the Republic of Ireland but Wagoner said there are no plans to re-introduce the German marque to the UK. The cars would continue to be sold uniquely as Vauxhalls in the UK.

"Vauxhall's our key brand in the UK and that's not going to change going forward," Wagoner said.

"The people in Britain are doing a great job presenting us with innovations such as their very effective use of the internet - those innovations will keep Vauxhall strong in the UK.

Wagoner said the Vauxhall brand was "robust and well" and GM was confident it had a good future in the UK.

"Changing the brand [in the UK] doesn't fit into the structure we have or the direction we take," Wagoner said.