British dealer group Pentagon has chopped the price of the Vauxhall Ampera variant of the Chevrolet Volt almost GBP11,000 to GBP22,995 (US$38,040) from the recommended retail price of GBP33,695.

London-based magazine Auto Express said the deal, which includes a GBP5,000 government grant, moves the 'range extender PHEV closer in price to cars such as the Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion five-door hatchback.

Other dealers reportedly are offering similar deals. Vauxhall said these deals offered by individual dealers did not signal any official price fall.

One of the benefits of the Ampera is the low running costs, according to Auto Express. The model is also free to tax and does not attract the London congestion charge.

Nissan's Leaf and the now-discontinued Renault Fluence ZE have both been offered - new or 'nearly new' at significant discounts off new retail price - by UK dealers in recent months.