Valeo has announced the further strengthening of its global Research & Development network with the establishment of a new Technical Centre in Prague, Czech Republic.

The new 1,400 square-metre facility will provide engineering support to Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and control panel programs led by Valeo's existing network of R&D Centres.

"To date, Valeo has invested almost one and a half million euros in the new Prague Technical Centre. This investment will further strengthen Valeo's engineering capabilities that are essential to support future customer programs for advanced HVAC, Control Panel and other systems," said Thierry Morin, Valeo Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

The Prague Technical Centre currently employs over 30 people. The qualified Valeo engineers and technicians are engaged in a range of new product development activities including Computer Aided Design, methods development, prototyping and laboratory testing.

Valeo anticipates that success in meeting development cost targets during the completion of customer programs for HVAC and control panel products will lead to further employment opportunities at the Prague Technical Centre over the next twelve months.