Malcolm Bricklin, CEO of Visionary Vehicles LLC has said that dealers will receive 15% gross - significantly higher than the industry average - on the line of cars his company will import from China.

"No smart, forward-thinking dealer will want to miss the opportunity to partner with China," claimed Bricklin.

He said that 15% gross on "Euro-styled luxury vehicles" priced 30% below comparable models would provide increased cash flow during the first years of new dealers' operations. The 250 dealers will have exclusive territorial rights to sell Visionary's full line of cars and trucks. Each dealer territory will be expansive and eventually expected to retail more than 4,000 vehicles a year.

Featuring a spacious gallery-like showroom and an on-premises half-mile test track, all 250 dealer will re-create an "Auto Show" experience for the consumer. Each dealer will be required to invest between $US10 and $15 million for exclusive product distribution rights in a large prescribed territory; the acquisition of an equity portion in Visionary Vehicles LLC; and the purchase of land and the construction of an Auto Show facility in the dealer's designated territory.

Bricklin said he would invite "a handful of North America's smartest and most aggressive dealers" to join Visionary Vehicles' so-called 'Founders 25 Group' which would participate in key decisions such as selecting and approving the North American brand name, giving input on product styling, engine configuration and vehicle pricing, choosing the chronological order in which the next 10-15 models will be introduced, defining the consumer retail process, developing the final interiors and exteriors of the 'Auto Show' facilities and recommending and sponsoring the remaining 225 dealers.

"As the first car company of the 21st century, we are creating a new dealership network from the ground up that places the needs of the consumer first," said Bricklin. "Dealers will participate in the decision-making process of Chery-Visionary operations in a way that has never been dreamed of before."

Each Visionary Vehicles Auto Show facility will include a multi-storey main building 150 feet x 150 feet x 35 feet high with 22,500 square feet of space, an outdoor video screen 100 feet long by 35 feet high, a multi-storey service building 150 feet x 80 feet with 24,000 square feet of space and 20 service bays, a gallery-style showroom with 12,000-15,000 square feet of vehicle display space, a one-half mile on-premises test track, complimentary car wash, valet parking, food and drink and a supervised nursery providing child care.

Visionary Vehicles and Chery Automobile Company plan to eventually sell 2,000,000 units in North America with the first 1,000,000 units to be manufactured at the Chery factory in Wuhu, China and the additional 1,000,000 units to be manufactured at new Visionary Vehicles/Chery facilities in the United States.