Union representatives and the Ministry of Labour from the Northern Indian State of Haryana are locked in talks tonight (14 June) in an attempt to break the stalemate that has seen Maruti Suzuki's Manesar plant shuttered for 11 days.

A mass sit-in involving at least 2,000 Maruti Suzuki employees - and possibly more - is continuing but any chance of a compromise appears to be remote at this stage.

The protracted dispute centres on 11 sacked workers and recognition of union rights according to the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), which is currently waiting outside the building in Gurgaon for developments where the new talks are taking place.

The negotiations follow "a long meeting" earlier today between the Labour Department and management. With no compromise apparently reached, the AITUC is cautioning further industrial action could result.

"Management is insisting it will not allow the new union to be formed in the plant," AITUC national secretary Darshan Sachdev told just-auto from Gurgaon. "On that basis the negotiations ended.

"The 11 workers who were dismissed, they should be taken back and management should not interfere. It is very simple - there are no economic demands. If there is no understanding of this, then we will decide what action is to be taken."

Maruti Suzuki was not immediately available for comment.