The United Auto Workers union on Friday extended a deadline for a strike at a General Motors metal stamping plant in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

According to Reuters, UAW Local [branch] 730 on its website on Friday posted a statement, entitled "strike avoided" that said talks are continuing between negotiators for the union and the US automaker but a settlement had not been reached.

"As long as talks continue and progress is made workers will continue to work and the strike will be avoided," the union local reportedly said in the statement. "If negotiations do happen to break down there will be a 12-hour notice given before a strike could take place."

The news agency noted GM is also facing a deadline on Friday at its plant in Fairfax, Kansas, where the hot-selling Chevrolet Malibu car is built (some are also made in Orion, Michigan) and the automaker already is dealing with a strike at its crossover assembly plant near Lansing, Michigan.