The labour union at scandal-tainted Mitsubishi Motors Corp. will demand record-low bonuses during this spring's labour-management talks in light of various defect cover-ups and recalls, union officials told Kyodo News on Thursday.

The union's executive body reportedly decided to seek annual bonuses equivalent to three months' pay and not to demand a unified basic wage hike for the third straight year - the union is scheduled to officially decide on this year's wage and bonus demands on February 14.

The unionists told the news agency that Mitsubishi Motors has experienced poor sales due to the scandals, and the union's leadership agreed to demand a minimum level of wages sufficient to sustain employee living standards.

Kyodo News noted that, laast year, the union struck a deal with the management on annual bonuses equivalent to three months' pay, but the company paid no winter bonus, equivalent to 1.5 months' wages, due to worsening business.