Fiat union, UILM, says it is satisfied with the one-year deal it has reached with the Italian automaker that will see 80,000 staff receive a pay rise of EUR40 (US$52) and up to EUR120 per month in bonuses.

All of Fiat's major unions, FIM, UILM and FISMIC, inked the agreement apart from the hardline FIOM labour body, although its non-signature does not appear to unduly worry its industrial representative partners.

"We are not disappointed FIOM did not present any platform, so this negotiation could be just with our signing," UILM secretary general, Rocco Palombella, told just-auto from Rome.

"Our negotiations lasted about seven months - in this period FIOM did not give any sign to be present."

The UILM (Unione Italiane Lavatori Metalmeccanici) secretary general - representing around 100,000 metalworkers in Italy - said the labour bodies had already agreed efficiency measures such as flexible working, changes in breaks and better distribution of shifts.

UILM insists there will be "definitely no redundancies" among Fiat's 80,000 employees despite Italy's economic "disaster" that has seen the country forced to address its cripplingly high debt and plummeting consumer confidence, all at the same time as remaining in a political limbo of transitional government.

"We hope to realise beyond the [yesterday's, 13 March] Pope's election a government that will solve urgent problems, industrial problems, decrease taxes and create job opportunities," said Palombella.

Fiat confirmed the one-year deal - worth up to a possible EUR12.8m - had been inked and as well as taking effect from April would be backdated to last month.

Bonuses would only be paid in the event staff fulfilled their contracted hours however.

"No factory closures, no redundancies," a Fiat spokeswoman told just-auto from Turin. "The bonuses you will receive if you work all the hours - the only condition is this one.

"We have some liquidity - Fiat decided to help some of the work [ers]."