A Toyota official shows Johnson details of the Mirai in Japan

A Toyota official shows Johnson details of the Mirai in Japan

Transport for London (TfL), the body that oversees integrated transport services in the UK capital, has confirmed it is one of the first customers for Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell powered Mirai sedan. Other early buyers are private car service Greentomatocars and hydrogen energy system manufacturer ITM Power.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson, on a visit to Toyota's headquarters in Japan as part of a trade visit, said: "It is fantastic that London will benefit from these new state-of-the-art hydrogen vehicles. By embracing this technology of the future, we aim to consolidate hydrogen’s role as a practical alternative fuel for the 21st century and beyond. I am sure that Transport for London will provide the ideal environment for us to see everything Mirai can do and, in doing so, take another great step towards improving air quality in our city and protecting the health of Londoners."

The mayor also discussed London’s position as a market for alternative fuel cars with Toyota senior management.

Toyota (GB) president and managing director Paul Van der Burgh, said: "Toyota believes in hydrogen as a key enabler for building a future zero emissions society and we applaud the mayor’s commitment to embracing new technology in his mission to make London a leading global city for low-emission, low-carbon transport.

"The success of hydrogen will require constructive dialogue and action, bringing together industry, national governments and city authorities like London to share and develop skills and experience and to communicate the benefits that can be delivered to business and to individuals. Our Mirai fuel cell vehicle is a milestone in the history of the motor car and opens up unprecedented opportunities for cleaner, sustainable transport. Transport for London and the city it serves will provide the ideal environment for Mirai to demonstrate the significant potential of hydrogen as a practical alternative fuel for the next century and beyond."

The TfL Mirai cars and the development of a hydrogen refuelling infrastructure are considered important first steps towards the wider adoption of the technology.