Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) USA has announced plans to export North American-built Sequoia and Tundra vehicles to South America and the Middle East.

The announcement differs in detail from a Japanese report earlier this month that said US-made Sienna minivans would go to Latin America, Sequoia SUVs to the Middle East and Tundras to Mexico.

Toyota in fact plans to ship the Princeton, Indiana-made Sequoia to various countries in the Middle East and Latin America, and send the Tundra pickup truck, manufactured in San Antonio, Texas, to several markets in Latin America.

Sequoia exports to the Middle East are forecast at approximately 15,000 units annually, while Sequoia exports to Latin America are projected at approximately 150 units annually. Tundra volume is seen at about 1,000 units a year.

TMS said the move had been made "with an eye for satisfying customer demand in global markets and maintaining leaner North American inventory levels".

Shipments commence in December 2008. This will be the first time Sequoia and Tundra models have been exported from the United States.

"Our broad lineup allows us to satisfy customer needs in North America and beyond," said TMS president Jim Lentz. "In the Middle East and Latin America, Sequoia and Tundra fit the bill and address customer demand for quality, high-utility vehicles.

TMS primarily sells in the US market but began exporting US-built vehicles in 1988.

Toyota supplies Camry models to the Middle East from its Australian plant.