Toyota will make plug-in technology standard in its popular Prius hybrid car from 2014 according to Japan’s Nikkei business daily.

The plug-in Prius, which will be launched next year, can be recharged from an ordinary household electricity outlet and will be priced at about the same level as the current model.

It will use high performance lithium ion batteries, enabling it to travel more than 60km (35 miles) per litre of petrol, compared with 38km for the current version, the paper said.

Cumulative sales of the Prius last year passed the 2m mark and Toyota is aiming for overall hybrid vehicle sales of 1m units a year by 2015, compared with 700,000 units in 2010.

Toyota is also developing electric vehicles but sees hybrids as the best short to medium term solution until recharging networks have been established.