The fix is a simple bar to take some of the strain

The fix is a simple bar to take some of the strain

Toyota may have to repair the accelerator pedals of up to 1.8m vehicles sold in Europe, its Brussels headquarters announced.

The actual fix - adding a reinforcing bar to the pedal assembly is the same as announced for North America on Monday. The first shipments of parts required for the repairs will begin arriving in Europe next week.

Toyota said it was making plans to contact affected customers and had "already implemented an effective production solution for vehicles to be sold in Europe". In North America, production of some models was stopped for a week and a 'stop sale' order put on thousands of vehicles in the inventory pipeline, pending repair.

"Toyota's policy is to put its customers first, in all circumstances," said Tadashi Arashima, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe. "We understand that the current situation is creating concerns, and we deeply regret it. We would also like to reassure customers: the potential accelerator pedal issue only occurs in very rare circumstances. The recall action is a precautionary measure aimed to guarantee the highest quality standards to all customers."

He added: “We know what the problem is and how to fix it, so now our focus is to make that fix as quickly as possible. We will make the necessary checks to ensure future customers do not receive an affected vehicle.”

Toyota reiterated it was not aware of any accidents resulting from this condition in Europe and said there was no relation to the floor mat issue which was the subject of a separate recall recently announced in North America.

The affected European models are: Aygo (Feb 2005 – Aug 2009) [about 10% of the similar Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1 are affected; PSA will handle its own repairs], iQ (Nov 2008 – Nov 2009); Yaris (Nov 2005 – Sep 2009); Auris (Oct 2006 – 5 Jan 2010); Corolla (Oct 2006 – Dec 2009); Verso (Feb 2009 – 5 Jan 2010); Avensis (Nov 2008 – Dec 2009); and RAV4 (Nov 2005 – Nov 2009)

The precise number of involved units is still under investigation, Toyota said.

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