Toyota Motor said plants in Thailand and South Africa are continuing to operate with adjusted production levels from Monday (5 December) as the lingering effects of the flooding in Thailand continue to affect the firm's parts supply chain.

The company also told Dow Jones Newswires that output at its plants in Japan returned to near-normal levels on 21 November and will continue to operate at such levels after 12 December

The car maker said its other plants around the world have mostly returned to normal after disruptions caused by the Thai floods.

Toyota told Kyodo News it would resume full operations at plants in Malaysia and Indonesia this week.

The cutbacks forced by the flooding through up to 25 November totalled 215,000 vehicles worldwide, officials said. By region, cuts in Japan came to 65,000 units, and those overseas came to 150,000 units, including 120,000 units in Thailand, the Toyota people added.