Japanese-owned Toyota suppliers are shedding US and European jobs through early retirements, a local media report said.

Denso is accepting applications at three plants in Michigan, targeting a total of 3,600 employees because demand for air conditioning systems and other products is down sharply due to reduced production by Toyota and the Detroit Three automakers, a Nihon Keizai Shimbun - Nikkei report said.

Denso also expects to cut nearly 200 jobs at its West Yorkshire plant here in the UK and another that employ 1,800 people in total.

In Spain, Denso has started offering early retirement benefits at its Barcelona plant, where more than 700 people work.

Aisin Seiki began accepting applications for early retirement at an auto body parts plant in Indiana last February, attracting 180 so far, the report said.

Aisin AW is aiming to cut 500 jobs, or slightly more than 40% of its work force, at its transmission plant in North Carolina.

Toyota Boshoku will shut down an upholstery plant in Kentucky, offering 300 employees an early retirement option, it added.