Toyota Motor wants to triple its car production in Indonesia to 300,000 vehicles as it plans to introduce four or more new car models there over the next four years, a senior official said.

"We plan to increase our annual production in Indonesia to accommodate 300,000 units in the near future," executive vice president Yukitoshi Funo said during a news conference in Indonesia reported by Kyodo News.

Toyota's production capacity in 2011 at its Indonesian plant was about 110,000 vehicles.

While showing off Toyota's new Agya small passenger car to be launched in the country, Funo said, "Following the Agya, Toyota will offer even more good and enjoyable cars in the future to an even wider range of customers in Indonesia.

"I have no doubt that the Indonesian economy will grow even larger through our business," Funo said.

Funo visited Indonesia to attend the Indonesia motor show held in Jakarta.

Toyota officials said the automaker plans to raise production capacity at the plant located on the outskirts of Jakarta to around 250,000 vehicles by mid-2014.