Toyota Motor has opened a facility for training Toyota-brand dealer personnel from around the world.

By following the principles of the Toyota Production System, the curriculum at the Toyota Sales
Logistics (TSL) College, in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, is designed to optimise dealers' sales logistics, resulting in greater customer satisfaction, the automaker said.

The college will offer uniform courses by veteran TMC instructors using such hands-on facilities as a "virtual dealer" and a cleaning line to prepare used cars for sale. This is expected to help unify the level of dealer personnel expertise, and, thus, increase dealer productivity. Previously, TMC had dispatched trainers
using various curricula to dealers.

Instruction at the college begins on 1 June, with the start of the TSL instructor training course. The course is to train dealer personnel to become kaizen instructors, who are to teach what they learn after returning to their companies.

Trainees, depending on their specialty, can choose one four-week concentration from among: improving service logistics; encouraging repeat customers; improving used-car logistics; and improving body and paint logistics.

Plans call for approximately 50 people from 30 Toyota-brand sales companies to be trained this fiscal year.

Facilities are two classrooms, 'virtual dealer' (with service desk, staff room and body and paint area), two service bays and a used car preparation line. There are 14 instructors.